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Top 4 Reasons to Train as a Laser Hair Removal Technician

With an industry worth more than 2 billions in the US and in the UK alone, hair removal is big business indeed. It is then no wonder that an increasing number of people in the cosmetics and dermatology industry are looking to train as laser hair removal technicians.

Laser Hair Removal

  1. An industry that is growing

The whole beauty industry is growing and the trend is here to stay. Training as a laser hair removal technician is definitely a good investment on the long term as jobs opportunities and clients are on the uprise.

  1. An opportunity to branch out

If you are already working in the cosmetics fields, laser removal procedures are very much in demand and adding this extra service to your salon can help you tap into new clients and get you more earnings.

What’s more, lasers are used in many different other areas in the cosmetic industry and branching out to another specialty is always a possibility: tattoo laser removals and wrinkles laser treatment are among the most popular ones.

  1. A safe new service for your clients

Laser hair removal is a very specific procedure that can have dangerous consequences if it isn’t administered properly. For this reason, there has been an ongoing debate over the last few years about whether or not it should be regulated.

With some doctors reporting dramatic issues of burning and scarring, training is definitely necessary in order to comprehend what hair and skin types can be suitable for such a treatment and determine which settings should be used.

With specific training, you will be able to master this extra knowledge and set of skills and apply it in many other areas of your business. With more confidence in your own capabilities, your business will grow and your clients will feel reassured to be in the hands of a pro.

  1. Exciting new technology

Training as a cosmetic laser technician entitles you to handle new technologies that are evolving and ever-changing. Keeping up to date with the latest discoveries and advancements is a great way to keep the job fresh and exciting.

Major advances are made all the time in the field, and laser hair removal devices are becoming faster and better at reducing pain and discomfort during treatment.

  1. Top up your earnings

The average salary for laser hair removal technicians in the US is around $43,000 and up to £24,000 in the UK. However, this differs hugely from one place to another, mostly depending on whether or not you are working in a clinic or a more modest salon.

In any case, hair removal can be used as a way to top up your earnings if you’re offering several other cosmetics procedures.

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