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What Is Black Mold?

What Is Black Mold

Mold is a type of fungus, present in atmosphere all the time. Some molds are commonly known as mildew but they are different from each other and treated differently. There are many types of mold and some of them can damage your health and home. You must understand them before trying to do their complete removal.

Black mold thrives in humidity and moisture on paper, fiber-board and gypsum-board.  Black mold is more toxic than other types and can cause severe health problems to people living in the affected place.  In extreme cases it may lead to death.

You can find them near water leaking, condensation and water damaged areas.  Black mold needs lots of moisture for many days to grow. It can easily grow inside walls, under floors or dark invisible places. Sometimes it is not possible to detect black mold at such places but their musty smell or your persistent allergies or respiratory health issues means that something terrible is wrong and you must look around or call pros to detect if moisture is present in the house. Black mold is so toxic that you must not try to remove it on your own to prevent hazardous effects. Black mold release large number of spores and mycotoxins throughout your place, help them spread more to grow.

What Is Black Mold

It is important not only to kill but complete removal of root cause of black mold from your home. For this purpose you need to call for professionals to remove black mold with the help of toxic cleaning chemicals. The techs are trained to use these cleaning agents, disinfectants and machinery while taking safety measures. They are experienced in removing black mold without disturbing and distributing them in air. They are very careful while treating black mold by covering and isolating the mold affected area from the clean area.

The technicians have to sure that it is black mold to treat them accordingly. To find black mold growth the professional mold inspector use moisture meter and fiber optics to detect moisture behind the walls. They also look for musty, damp smell or warped walls or peeled paint or around pipes.

There is no antidote to cure black mold, but only to remove toxic black mold or to remove yourself from black mold affected area. Be careful when you leave black mold affective area, because mold spores cling to your clothes and belongings and may spread further.

You can try to kill mold by using ammonia, vinegar and bleach separately, at home for small mold killing projects. It is important to remove black mold very quickly and carefully, to prevent mycotoxins spreading through the house.

The professionals clean every non-porous object with the help of sponge or hard brush. Use HEPA to vacuum the area. Seal every black mold contaminated thing properly and dispose of them in a proper way.

Whenever toxic black mold is disturbed it releases harm full toxic mycotoxins and contaminate your house. These harm full toxic mycotoxins can cause permanent long-term health problems such as mental illness, respiratory issues, damage to internal organs and sometimes death.

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