Top 5 Reasons for Stud Earrings as a Great Gift on Any Occasion


Most women love having accessories to wear. These pieces of jewelry, fancy or expensive, make them feel beautiful and adorned in all the right places. Stud earrings are one of the top pieces of jewelry women own and they make great gifts for any occasion. Why so? Read on to find out the top 5 reasons:

1)      Availability – Stud earrings were the first kind of earrings used by women in the olden days. Today, it has remained one of the favorite styles to be in stock in jewelry and accessories stores. This kind of earrings is easily available in the ladies’ accessories section in malls or even in supermarkets! Forgot to buy a gift? Stop by somewhere there are earrings, find a good pair, and they will surely be appreciated!

2)      Variation of materials – A reason why stud earrings are available in almost all accessories stores is that almost all kinds of materials can be used for making them. Even home crafts makers can sell their own stud earrings just by securely gluing cute little things onto store bought posts. Stud earrings can be made from simple materials like buttons for casual get ups, or more pricey materials like pearls for formal occasions.


3)      Range of Designs – Not just available in different materials, there is also a plethora of designs to choose from! From symbols like stars, hearts, and zodiac signs to basic shapes like circles and squares, there is a pair of stud earrings for that. Designs and colors can define the function of the earring. For one who loves casual outfits, simple shapes will do, while those who love glamorous looks can be even more beautified with elegant metalwork on their stud earrings.

4)      Affordability – Since stud earrings are made easily available and are made from a wide variety of materials, there is a lot of supply and sellers trying to be competitive by making their items affordable. Fancy stud earrings don’t cost much but look really nice and depending on the occasion, can really complement an outfit. These little pieces of jewelry can make a woman feel remembered and the person giving them as a gift doesn’t necessarily have to spend much to paint a smile on the receiver’s face.

5)      Timeless appeal – Stud earrings give off a classic appeal and can fit ladies of all ages. Smaller or more colorful pieces can adorn the ears of little girls, those made with silver or gold can be given for ladies in their twenties or thirties, while bigger and more expensive stud earrings with precious stones are surely going to be appreciated by women in the older age range. They can even pass these on as heirlooms!

Stud earrings may be little pieces of jewelry but they can indeed complete an outfit and make the receiver feel remembered on that special occasion. They are simple gifts which will bring out the girly girl in any woman!

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