Crafting For The Love of Food

love for food

Whenever we hear the word ‘craft’, we instinctively think of sewing and knitting. Although not wrong, and yes they too are type of crafts but they are not the only type. Crafting is an art. It can be any skill or talent that you make by hand. It can be work of glass, paper, wood, textiles, colors, and even food. Yes, Food Craft!

In the past few years we have seen a big boom in the popularity if this relatively newer craft form. Food craft is the love of creating beautiful and visually appealing things out of food. It is safe and a lot of fun to create food craft. And it gives your cooking and dining table a whole new dimension. A simple side dish like mashed potatoes can be creatively crafted into something more appealing and eye catching.

Food crafts can be further categorized into many forms like carving, baking, etc. It all depends on your interest. Not only do adults take special care in this unique craft type, but children also enjoy it a lot. There are professional institutions that teach people the secrets of this art and where people can learn all about food and culinary.

love for food

This is also a great way to instill the love of cooking and food into children. Not only can you trick them into eating veggies and stuff that they avoid, but they will be keener on trying new things if they are appealing to the eye or made by them. Any food crafty afternoon can also be very informative for your children as they could learn about how different ingredients are made and how different vegetables are grown.

The best example for food crafts is when you walk through the doors of a bakery or cake shop. Just one glance at the superb icings and shapes makes you understand how hard the baker must have worked on a particular piece of art. Making different themed items from just icing and colors are a great way to promote food crafts.

If you too wish to learn some of the basic food crafts, you will first need a few basic utensils and supplies according to category. There are many different sized and shaped knives required for achieving the perfect cuts in carving any fruit or food. If you are inspired by baking, then you will have to invest in many baking items like trays and pans and icing equipment.

Taking even a few classes will help you understand how each item in your food craft should be edible. From glue, to balls till the base, everything should be edible and tasty.

Making crafts out of food are really fun and creative. It keeps your brain juices flowing and is a great way to spend the afternoon or a day at your friend’s home. The results you get from trying out different shapes and textures of food are the most amazing part. Your possibilities are endless and you can even make a career out of food crafts.

This article is written by Ana Tesin from, a blogger and a crafter in her spare time.

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