Set An Interesting New Years Resolution!

new years resolution

When it comes to the first day of January many people decide to set themselves a New Year’s resolution to stick to throughout the year. It is no secret that these are usually broken within a few weeks, with some people managing to make it last a few months, but it can be difficult to keep them up for a whole year. Some people actually just set themselves something to aim for and will complete it within a month or so to ensure they meet their goal. There are so many different things to pick from but the most common are losing weight and doing more exercise which are both ongoing processes and easily broken.

new years resolution

It can be fun to try to think of something totally different which is why I have set myself a resolution to try something new out once a month. This could be anything from eating a food I have never tried before or taking part in a sporting activity that I wouldn’t dare to. Doing something new everyday would be far too difficult and I know I would break it or simply forget, but once a month is doable yet still challenging. I am thinking it will be a good idea to tailor it to the time of year too so I think I will stick to a new food in January as the weather is too cold to try a new outdoor activity.

The idea for the resolution actually came from a gift that my brother received for Christmas. He was given a voucher to go white water rafting which is something that he wanted to try but never got round to actually doing. I was thinking I would quite like to have a go but would be a bit scared, so thought to make it part of my resolution. If you don’t do things that scare you once in a while, life probably wouldn’t be much fun! I think I will make this one of my summer month’s tests. It is also giving me things to look forward to, and dread slightly but in a good way! It is great to hear of new resolutions that are a bit out of the ordinary and my friend has joined in with my idea too so we will have to see what we can come up with. I am definitely going to stick to it and make a point of pushing the boundaries that I already have set in my life.

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