Breyer Horse Tack and Accessories for the Serious Collector

Breyer Horse Tack

Are you one of the many collectors of Breyer horses? Then you know that Breyer horse models are created individually from the original mold. This mold is injected with a special resin to capture the depth, detail and rich color in each model. Breyer horses are then hand painted by skilled artists who work painstakingly to create finished products which look very much alive.

Regardless if you are new to collecting or if you have an extensive collection of Breyer horses in your possession, you are probably interested in finding a source to use which carries a wide range of Breyer horse tack and accessories. While there may be a hobby shop somewhere in your area that has a few things for Breyer collectors, by far your best bet would be to find a supplier right online.

Breyer Horse Tack

If you’re interested in online auctions, run a search at eBay for the Breyer horse tack and accessories you are interested in buying. This is a great source to use as there are always multiple listings on the site for both Breyer horses and accessories. And, if you happen to need just one thing say an Arabian show halter for a particular model of Breyer horse, you can run a very specific search to see if someone has the halter listed. New collectors can get a jump start on their collections by buying entire lots of Breyer horse tack and accessories on auction-style websites. It’s not all that uncommon for a person to lose interest in his or her Breyer horse collection wherein they list their entire collection on an auction site.

It’s also quite easy to find a large hobby shop on the internet which carries a nice assortment of Breyer horse tack and accessories. Additionally, equestrian shops online which sell horse equipment and supplies can also have Breyer accessories available on their websites. Do explore all your options to see who has the best deals on the exact items you want to add to your growing collection.

Another good idea is to join a few community forums online which are dedicated to Breyer collecting. This way, you could learn from other collectors where they buy Breyer horse tack and accessories while you show off your collection at the same time! You may even make friends with a seasoned collector who may offer you some tips as to what horses and gear to buy and how to value your collection.

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