3 Things to Keep In Mind When Towing Your Car

Towing Your Car

You may not want to think about towing your car because of the shock to your pocketbook. A normal, run of the mill tow may cause you hundreds of dollars for only a few minutes worth of work. This is a necessary price to pay if you need your car to be fixed and can’t make it to the auto repair shop.

Before allowing a tow truck operator to haul away your vehicle, keep a few key things in mind. The make and model of your vehicle determines how your car should be towed. One size does not fit all when it comes to hauling off your car.

Gone are the days of trusting completely in the towing company. Although some operators know how to tow different cars other drivers are driven to haul your car in record time. During extreme weather conditions other drivers are likely waiting to be towed. A hurried, pressured tower may damage your car by trying to save precious minutes. Make sure tow truck drivers follow the rules concerning your automobile before you agree to be towed. If you can’t come to an agreement it’s better to call another service than to run the risk of damaging your car.

Towing Your Car

Keep Safety in Mind

As more people are becoming aware of the dangers in towing a disabled vehicle safety procedures are followed strictly. The potential for death or life-threatening injuries dictate that you need to be vigilant when towing such large, moving vehicles. Make safety first.

Trying to tow with a chain can result in a dangerous break which leaves anybody around the cars at risk. Do it yourself towing poses you with a series of potential accidents waiting to happen. Make sure that the tow truck carrying your car has lights and flashers in place to notify approaching cars of their payload. It’s easy to get rear-ended by fast moving traffic that doesn’t realize a vehicle is being towed.

Brake malfunctions also occur when a vehicle being towed isn’t operating normally. This can result in the towed vehicle slamming into the pulling car or truck if the tower comes to a fast stop.

Never allow your impatience to rule your decision making. If a tow truck driver appears to be taking short cuts because he’s under a strict schedule set them straight. It’s far better to avoid accidents by following the rule book.

Avoid Damaging Your Vehicle

Be mindful of the many damages which can occur during a normal towing. Follow your owner’s manual when instructing the tow truck operator how to pull your vehicle. They may have experience doing things one way yet the make and model of your car dictates that you need to use a different approach. Tearing up your fender can result in an even greater repair bill to be owed. Consult your owner’s manual to avoid unnecessary damages.

Some cars need to be flat-bedded to ensure that all 4 wheels are off the ground during towing. Keep your transmission and differentials intact. Go by the book.

If you want to avoid hefty repair bills educate yourself as to how your car should be properly towed.

Tow in Proper Weather Conditions

A little rain might not be a problem but if you’re faced with an absolute squall of precipitation or worse yet, snow, you’re better off leaving the towing for some other time. Even if you need your car for work it’s safer to take a day or 2 off versus creating a dangerous situation for you and the tower. You’re also more likely to incur vehicle damage if you attempt to tow your car during poor weather conditions.

Take a rain check on your tow. Think of the big picture; if you can just wait a few hours or days until the weather clears you’ll minimize the risk of damaging your car from a towing and weather related accident. If you have absolutely no other choice you can have your car towed during extreme weather conditions but understand the risk inherent.

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