Maintaining your Electric Bike

Whether you are commuting to work, running errands or working out to staying fit, electric bikes canmake your ride more flexible and enjoyable than you can ever imagine. These eco-friendly bikes cut down on the cost of commuting, provide your daily dose of exercise and are pollution-free.

Maintaining an electric bike is completely different from maintaining a traditional bicycle. However, you do not have to spend exorbitant amounts at electric bike service shop or garage to maintain your bike. Yes, electric bike maintenance can be done at the comfort of your home at virtually little or no cost. Follow these guidelines to keep your electric bike in its bestcondition.

Guidelines to maintain your electric bike

Tips on battery

Battery is the power source of your electric bike. Therefore, maintain your battery in top condition to keep your bike running for a long time. It is wise to choose a battery that offers a longer riding range. Constantly saving some reserve power can help your battery run longer. Keep in mind that depleting your battery completely will reduce its life.

Always charge your battery before taking your electric bike for a ride. Charging may take only a couple of hours. Plugging your battery to charge overnight or for a couple of days can damage your power source significantly. It is also prudent to keep your battery away from rain or snow to prevent damage to its components.

Clean your bike regularly

Clean your bike regularly to maintain your vehicle in a good condition. You may not be able to clean your bike after each ride but it is necessary to remove the sand, mud or dirt that is deposited in your tyresfrequently to keep your bike running. While cleaning your bike take precautions to protect the battery from water.

Apply grease or lubricant on chain and brakes at least once a week to ensure a smooth and noise-free ride. However, using too much oil or lubricant may damage the bike components and even reduce the speed of the bike.

Maintain the tyres

You should check thetyre pressure regularly and fill air using an air pump whenever necessary. Correctly inflated tyres will not only consume less battery power but will also improve the speed of the bike. If you don’t own a tire gauge, manually check for tyre pressure.

When you fill a tyre, it should not become so firm that they cannotbe squeezed with all your fingers. Never over inflate your tyres as this may slow down the speed of the bike and increase the susceptibility to puncture. It is also sensible to frequently check your tyres for any wear and tear.

Protect your bike

Keep your bike away from rain and snow. This implies that your bike should not be left out in open spaces for a long time. Keep them in cool and dry places. It is very important to ensure that your battery is protected from water as wet batteries have reduced lifetime.

Electric bikes are ideal for daily commute. Follow these simple tips mentioned above to keep the bike running in good condition. In short, keep your brakes, motor, battery and tyres in good order to have smooth, safe and fun ride.