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3 Tips for Picking a Financial Advisor

Now is the time to plan for your financial future. Stop putting off saving up for your nest egg and get serious about building your net worth today. Take the first step to financial independence by educating yourself on the financial services sector. Before you hire a financial advisor take the time to build specific, detailed goals.

How much money do you wish to invest? What type of returns would you like to receive?What type of financial vehicles do you wish to use to achieve this end? These questions might confuse the novice investor but by doing a little bit of research online you can become more familiar with common terms used in the industry.

You can grow your net worth now and retire comfortably by making a few firm and definite decisions now concerning your financial future.

Demand a Written Contractual Agreement

Ask your financial advisor to provide you with a written agreement which lists the types of services being offered. Each financial institution provides different services; FA’s, or financial advisors, might specialize in generating cash flow through multiple strategies. Detail the specific service being rendered to more effectively build your portfolio and maximize your near and long term returns.

Get Clear on the Services Being Offered


Are you interested in opening up a mutual fund or IRA? Perhaps you wish to move into the high risk/high return strategy of investing in stocks, or equities? Depending on your financial plan you will need to get clear on the specific services being offered to you before hiring your financial advisor. If you want to take a long term approach to building your nest egg speak to your advisor about less aggressive investment vehicles like mutual funds which trade in predominantly domestic stocks.

If you are a bit more risk-tolerant, consider active vehicles like international stocks which can move in either direction quickly. Ask your FA what services he or she can offer and decide if their skill set matches your particular needs.

Gauge Experience

Even the most driven, focused financial advisor will experience difficulties trying to manage your portfolio if the individual has little experience. Managing money can create stress, even among financial professionals, and less experienced FA’s need to learn how to deal with the stress as they deal with market fluctuations. Interview your prospective financial advisor by asking about their level of experience. Ask about their educational background and professional experience. How long has the individual been practicing?Is the individual a Certified Financial Planner? Check online to verify their claims. Select a professional; remember, your financial present, and future is at stake.

About the Author: Kelli Cooper is a blogger who likes helping individual find the right financial advisor to fit their needs. If you want to learn more about the financial industry please click this link to learn more about John Studzinski executive profile. For even more detailed information about the financial services sector click the following link to financial services executive John Studzinski.



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