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4 Tips for Choosing the Venue for Your Next Corporate Event


When it comes to planning a corporate event, there are lots of ducks you need to get in a row. While each element plays its own part in creating a successful event, some decisions are definitely weightier than others. Choosing the venue is one of the biggest to be made, and can be the most challenging, given all the factors you need to take into account to determine what qualifies as an appropriate location.  So, if you are tasked with finding the venue for an event, here are some helpful hints to help you do just that.

Location, Location, Location

The best location for an event is dependent on so many factors. Someone planning an event for just the employees of a local company branch will have different considerations than someone who is planning an event hosting workers from all over the country, for example. For events that will be attended by people from a variety of areas, ascertain where most will be hailing from to choose the most central location possible. If you need to arrange flights and transportation for a large number of people, meeting travel planners can be a valuable resource.

Will people be able to get there using public transportation? If people drive, is there ample room nearby for parking? Is it accessible by people with disabilities? This is the type of thing that is easy to overlook, but make sure you don’t.

Is There Enough Versatility to Meet Your Needs?

Consider how your event space will need to be structured. You want to ensure you can set up the venue the way you need it to be. So, clearly identify those needs, and then determine if that space can suit you. Do you need to set up exhibits? Are you planning for several different lounging areas? What sort of space do you need for the catering? Do you need break-out rooms?

Are Outside Activities Available?

This may not be applicable to all types of events, but if you are planning an event where people will be spending at least a couple of days in the area, this may be an important consideration. Perhaps you are interested in setting up a golf tournament, or excursions related to team-building. Or perhaps, you just want to make sure there are plenty of things to do for family members who will be attending with participants. If this sort of thing is of high importance, check with the venue to see if it has any special partnerships with local businesses that would be of benefit to your event.

Catering Considerations

Food is one of the most important elements of any event, whether it be a corporate meeting or a backyard wedding. When evaluating potential venues, it is important to inquire about the catering. Some venues may allow you to bring in your own, while others provide catering, or only allow you to use a list of preferred vendors. If you encounter the latter situations where you are not able to arrange the catering all on your own, make sure you give some careful thought to all your needs so you can ask the right questions. Find out how much flexibility there is with the menu, whether they can accommodate special dietary needs,etc..

Finding the right venue can seem like a daunting task, but if you educate yourself on what to look for, you will execute a focused search and find the best venue to suit your needs. Just remember to give yourself plenty of time.

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