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Solution Executive of a Company

Solution Executive

Selling solutions is basically a method for managing the learning process of the customer, with special attention given to how the decision of buying is made. So that people can confidently make a decision to buy your solution, it is your job to teach them what they need to know. This means figuring out what they need to learn about the solution, who counts in the decision and the best way to manage their learning process.

Technological services and products are transformed by solutions into business performance. Customers purchases solutions only because solutions deliver effective and strategic results such as improved productivity, increased sales, increased customer satisfaction, competitive advantage etc. Products do not but solutions create value. It is a complex sale to sell a solution which is technology-enabled business. Everyone wants to be part of the decision making process, since the solution has effect on many spheres of the customer’s business. This means that most of the individuals whom you have to convince, like the maker of economic decision, are generally not technologists. And before they can make a good decision, they have a lot to learn.

Solution Executive

A Cognizant Company, TriZetto, whose Director and Solution Executive is John Kasper Olympics, is responsible for ensuring solution which is appropriate from both a technical and business perspective, taking into consideration all constraints and realities such as contract terms, costs, business requirements, and the business conditions of the client.

It is rarely confined in one department, the responsibility for the success of a core business strategy. To the people who count, salespeople in great technology are masters of selling outside of the IT department. They change the rules of the game and become the coach of CXO’s. The executive will make sure that it happens as he sees your offer as a means to accomplish his plans and strategy.

Engineering and technical managers are risk adverse by nature. They exactly do as they are told. For strategy execution to take action, executives are responsible. When you help your customers open up new opportunities and also to succeed by solving their problems, they every time come to trust you.  To ensure a highly profitable repeat business mode, selling results is the best way. For every solution and for every account, this process of solutions selling is implemented slightly differently. Using a process helps you provide solutions-specific information into your sales strategy and organize account, so within the context of what is important to customer, you do a better job at positioning your solution.

John Kasper Olympics completed his education from Central Missouri State University, and he is the Director-Solution Executive of a Cognizant Company, named TriZetto.

Why is selling solutions significant?

  • It increase productivity of sales.
  • By selling cross-functional results, build value.
  • In order to look good to the boss, help the buying committee.
  • To increase sales momentum, solve business problems.

A business solution which is technology-enabled almost always has a wide impact on the enterprise, which means one has to sell the solution to several functions. Ultimately, his or her ability to integrate understanding of how you sell the account with what the customer is trying to accomplish increases the close rate.  To learn how to personalize the benefits of the solution helps one establish a wide base of support and build cross-functional consensus.

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