4 Tips for Picking Promotional Flash Drives

ID-10013257Making an indelible impact on the mind of your potential customers boosts brand awareness. When picking a promotional flash drive for a trade show or other event keep a few key factors in mind. Select only quality drives to make a favorable impression. Nothing looks worse than giving out a cheap freebie. Your promotional drive must be valuable for people to appreciate the product.

Before you spend time and energy selecting a particular model of drive imagine how the promotional item will benefit your potential customers. Make sure to upload data to market your company effectively. Include enough free memory space for the benefit of users. If you can make an impact with your drive expect your brand to grow like wildfire.

Storage Capacity

Think about the number and size of files you wish to load before selecting a flash drive for promotional purposes. Select 32 MB, 64 MB or 32 GB to fit your storage needs. Whether you are uploading printable photo image files or MP3 music files you will need sufficient memory. Music video files, if you choose to go this promotional route, require from 50 MB to 100 MB. Keep this in mind prior to making a mass purchase. Set aside at least 1 GB of free memory space for your users.

Demand a Quick Turnaround

If you need to buy in bulk consider only suppliers who can guarantee a quick turnaround time. Select a supplier who houses their own manufacturing facilities to ensure speedy shipping. If you use a 3rd party supplier order fulfillment is outside of your control.

Purchase Quality Flash Drives

You must choose a quality USB flash drive to wow your potential customers. Promotional products should inspire individuals to learn more about your company and brand. Many low quality drives flood the market. These substandard USB flash drives are usually unfit for storing data. Avoid these peripherals to keep your brand’s reputation intact. Make sure the cap fits tightly on the drive and demand a quality memory chip to select the proper promotional giveaway. Demand grade-A memory with high read and write speeds as well as powerful data-retention capabilities.

Stay away from suppliers which offer you bargain basement prices. Companies who cut corners usually offer the lowest prices for a good reason. Check for print quality and a metal loop on the USB flash drive’s end versus a plastic loop. Plastic loops tend to shatter after prolonged use while metal loops stand up to rigorous usage.

Data Storage

Look for features such as USB file lock, USB auto run and data preloading to find the highest quality USB flash drive for your company’s promotional giveaway. The file lock can prevent your data from being accidentally deleted. The auto run feature starts preloaded data when you plug the flash drive into a computer. Preload your marketing-themed content onto a USB flash drive using the data preloading feature. Build your brand by spreading the word about your company. You can preload videos, software, brochures, PDFs, product catalogs and presentations onto your USB flash drive.

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