Frequently Asked Questions about the ‘’Cloud’’


If you are totally confused about the cloud count yourself as a member of the majority. 95% of people have no idea how to define cloud computing. The relatively new concept is being used by social network and ecommerce sites to deliver a rich experience to end users via a convenient, secure and affordable strategy.

Any Facebook or twitter user accesses the cloud on a frequent basis without even knowing it and web consumers are likely reaping the benefits of cloud computing even if they are ignorant to the power and function of the cloud. If you wish to gain a better understanding of cloud services check out the answers to these frequently asked cloud questions.

What Is Cloud Computing?

The cloud is a collection of different software and hardware that combine to offer computing service to end user. Whether you are using online banking or social networks you are most likely using cloud computing for your convenient online interactions. Most people are completely unaware of what the cloud is and how it impacts their lives in such profound fashion. The cloud can deliver services over the internet or other networks using both hardware and software. End users can tap into applications or files which can access the internet.

What Are Some Confusing Aspects of the Cloud?

Contrary to popular belief no single location hosts the cloud. Since the cloud can be virtually anywhere like a 3rd party data center or in a business data center you can conveniently access this network quickly. Individual consumers and not big business are driving cloud computing through their purchasing power and web surfing habits. Imagine how many individuals use Facebook to connect with their friends on a daily basis or how many people buy products on Amazon. These people purchase cloud ready handhelds which can connect them to the cloud on the go, at home or in a work setting. Some wrongly believe that the cloud is a passing fad but since 11% of the world‘s population uses Facebook you can see that cloud competing is here to stay for quite a while.

How Safe Are Your Cloud Files?

The cloud is an accessible, safe network which can store your information. You can store duplicate copies of data on servers in varying geographic locations to secure your information. This server can also be kept safe by a backup power supply just in case you experience an emergency. Currently a popular cloud approach is the hybrid computing model. Businesses can store public data in a public cloud structure while storing private data in a private cloud. These unique entities ensure data security.

Do You Need to Store Data on the Cloud?

If you want to cut costs and secure your data strongly considering using the cloud for storage. Save money you would use purchasing large amounts of hardware by using the service provider’s equipment. Buying these network components and servers, hardware and storage would cost you a small fortune. You can also save on maintenance and deployment costs by placing your businesses’ applications on a cloud service provider which you can access over a network.

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