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5 Advantages of Whole House Ventilation

Whole House Ventilation

There are many types of airflow ventilation which a homeowner can choose from. A property of any age can benefit from a ventilation system. New and older properties should have it as well as those which are privately owned by landlords. Here are some of the many advantages of choosing a whole house ventilation system:

Whole House Ventilation

Reduce irritants that exacerbate asthma

A Single Room Heat Recover (HRV) unit can get rid of dust and dirt which is inside a property. If some of the people who are living in a property have asthma, any dust or dirt can make their medical condition much worse. When the air in a property is very clean, this can reduce the chances of making someone’s asthma much worse. For young children who haven’t had asthma for long, their parents must do everything they can to help their asthma so that they aren’t exacerbated and a HRV unit can do so. Fume extraction systems such as this are very popular and they can also help properties which are situated on an A-Road or near a motorway. This is because it can get rid of any petrol fumes which come into a property.

No change in temperature

When the air in a property is cleansed of irritants, such as dust, by a HRV unit, the temperature inside a property can be maintained and could increase. During the winter, a property should stay very warm. If it has an open fire, a room won’t be very cold when a HRV unit is turned on.

Energy efficient

Not only is a HRV unit a very effective ventilation system but it doesn’t require a lot of electricity to power it. As energy bills keep increasing, a homeowner must do everything they can to reduce them. They needn’t be concerned with the running costs of a HRV unit because only a small amount of electricity is required.

Privately owned properties become more attractive

Before a rental property is put onto the market, it is very important that it will be as attractive to potential tenants as possible. Along with redecorating all rooms, a flat or a house must have very good ventilation, such as in its bathroom. When a bathroom doesn’t have a window or an extractor fan, it can be very difficult to properly ventilate it. However, it can have a decent air flow when it has a HRV unit. This is because it takes the stale or wet air in a bathroom and other wet rooms, such as a kitchen or a utility room which stores a washing machine or a tumble dryer, and then brings in fresh air. Even if a bathroom does have a window, its ventilation capability increases considerably when a HRV unit is installed.

Easy to maintain

The company that installs a whole house ventilation system typically provides warranties for parts and labour. Even when something does go wrong with a HRV unit, it can be fixed. This is because a company has many PVC ventilation ducting supplies. As a result, a HRV unit will soon be operational again despite if a homeowner believes that it isn’t fixable.

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