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5 Great YouTube Videos about Accountancy for Freelancers

As a freelancer doing your own accounts may seem daunting

When it comes to accountancy many people don’t get too excited, but unfortunately it is a task that needs attention, especially if you are a freelancer.

The good news is that it isn’t all as bad as many people fear, and there are lots of things you can do to make it even easier. Below are some fantastic YouTube videos that offer you great advice and helpful tips for freelance accounting. 

1) Basic Accounting – Simple Tips and Helpful Advice

This fantastic video is brought to you in a very informal manner by a freelancer who is out there practicing what he preaches. His friendly and helpful approach is welcoming and helps you stay focussed throughout the short clip.

He brings you tips that are very simple, but that can have a great effect on your accounts and finances. This is really an essential watch for any freelancer just starting out and looking for some basic accounting advice.

2) Tax Saving Tip – Office at Home

Although this video is ultimately advertising a company, the tax tip it reveals could save you money as a freelancer. When it comes to accounting one of the main things that needs to be sorted out and paid is tax. This great clip gives you extra information that you otherwise probably wouldn’t be aware of.

If you do any work at home as a freelancer such as sending invoices, checking e-mails or answering the phone then you could qualify for saving a bit of money on your tax payments. It’s definitely worth considering when sorting out your accounts as a freelancer.

As a freelancer doing your own accounts may seem daunting

As a freelancer doing your own accounts may seem daunting

3) Accounts Software – Personal Testimonial

This very informal clip is actually filmed in the car, which creates an interesting and fun vibe. Here is another freelancer who is speaking from experience as he shares his accounting nightmare from the night before.

His advice for any freelancer is to invest in some accounting software, and to keep up to date with it. This will save you time and hopefully reduce stress levels as the software does most of the calculations for you.

You could also employ an accountant, which would have the same benefits and even more, as they could also offer you advice. If you simply don’t enjoy or feel confident in sorting out your own accounts then employing an accountant is a great decision….especially if it means you avoid nightmares like this! 

4) Professional Tips – Tax Organization

This fantastic video is very professional and offers some brilliant tips and advice for freelancers when it comes to tax. Of course living the freelancer’s lifestyle can be great, but it does mean that you have to be extra organised and prepared to deal with all your accounts and tax yourself.

With these great tips, you will be better prepared when it comes to tax. The video offers some simple organisational ideas that will help you keep track of everything so that it is a lot easier when it comes to paying taxes.

5) Online Invoicing Can Help With Accounts

This relatively short clips expands upon why many freelancers are deciding to switch to online invoicing for their clients. This can have huge benefits for your accounts as it means that all of your invoices are in the same place and you don’t have bits of paper flying around everywhere, which can be easily lost.

Getting tips on doing your accounts is important.

Getting tips on doing your accounts is important.

This will really benefit you when it comes to sorting out your accounts as a freelancer, and you can always print out a hard copy as well for back-up records. Online invoicing also offers your customers different ways of paying such as PayPal, so you are likely to receive your money more quickly. 


These 5 great YouTube videos reveal lots of helpful tips about accountancy for freelancers. With this great advice you should be more prepared to battle through your finances and get your accounts organised with a company such as Accounts Net.


Video Credits: genuinecj, gosimpletaxchannel, AndyMorleySEO, About, and HanddyApps.

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