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5 Skills of Successful Operations Managers

ID-100103200A skilled business operations manager can improve the effectiveness of your organization. Managers can wear many hats. From inspiring motivator, to financial consultant, to customer service specialist, to skilled communicator, a good business operations manager can fill each roll sufficiently.

Ensuring that your customer needs are met is the priority of any operations manager. Listen to the problems or issues of your clients to improve your business and hone your management skills quickly. Develop these 5 skills to up your management game.

Has a Firm Grip on Financial Performance

A skilled operations manager understands their businesses’ financial performance. Good managers know how to analyze balance sheets, profit and loss statements and expense budgets. Managers should also know how to prepare sales projections for their organization. Learning how to effectively use business planning software is another critical skill for an operations manager. Building charts, reports and financial projections are important tasks hinging on the individual’s ability to use planning software.

Effective Communicator

Powerful operations managers know how to connect with people throughout different levels of an organization. From management on down the skilled manager can communicate effortlessly with people from all different backgrounds. An operations manager should be as comfortable chatting with the company president as they are conversing with the cleaning staff. Conveying messages effectively to customers, superiors and staff is one key skill all managers must develop to become successful. Establish strong relationships by learning body language techniques, written and verbal communication skills. Add all these tools to your communications arsenal to get your point across in a convincing fashion.

Tracks Metrics

Measure progress and set specific work objectives. Track metrics to notify your staff of their performance. Workers need to know if they are progressing toward their goals. Tracking metrics can alert you to areas which need improvement as well as staff which deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts.

Knows Customer Needs

Understand your customer’s needs to become an effective business operations manager. Fair price assurance, operating in a safe environment or an immediate response to a customer question or plea can instantly build rapport with clients. Knowing your customer’s needs can help a manager better communicate customer service skills to their work staff. Practice listening closely to your customers. Patiently and persistently tune in to the problems, dreams and hopes of your customer base. Armed with these golden nuggets you can easily address whatever needs your clients share with you.

Powerful Motivator

Motivated work staffs can reach employee objectives quickly. Building a large, inspired work force can improve the effectiveness of your organization. Successful business operations managers are masterful motivators. Whether you rouse the troops through inspirational images posted on office walls or call upon inspirational speakers every month to excite your staff effective managers know how to push buttons. All motivation should be positive. Using fear-based motivational tactics usually results in negative outcomes. Find what motivates your workers to efficiently drive them through obstacles.

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