6 Fashion Tips for Thin Men

ID-10017278While thin is usually in when it comes to desirable physical traits, some people are really skinny, to the point where they may feel self-conscious about their particularly lean frame. For many men, their bulking-up efforts only take them so far, and the best they can do beyond that is dress in a manner that downplays their beanpole like-physique and makes them look a bit beefier. If you are man with such a problem, here are some fashion tips just for you.

Opt for Blazers with a Bit of Shoulder Padding

When we think of shoulder pads, images of 80’s women’s fashion may come to mind, but when done subtly, a shoulder pad can be a skinny man’s ally. A bit of padding in a blazer will make your body look a bit more muscular, giving your back and chest some pop. Just be careful to not go too big—it will only place further emphasis on your small frame and make your outfit look cheap to boot.

Pass on Skinny Shirts

While skinny shirts look good on some guys, they are not the optimal fashion choice if you also have a skinny body.  This applies to dress shirts and their casual counterparts. Something fitted is okay, but make sure there is some movement around your mid-section.  Clingy fabrics or shirts with lots of elastic are no good either. But, in your efforts to avoid shirts that are too tight-fitting, make sure you don’t go too big either as this will create an equally unflattering look.

Get that Jacket Length Right

Jacket length can make or break your attempts to create the illusion of greater heft.  Favor ones that fall right below your butt. Shorter than that, and you are calling more attention to your thin legs, arms and waist; if you also happen to be on the short side, this will make that stand out even more as well. Steer clear of ones that fall longer than your rear end to avoid looking like a little kid dressed up in his father’s clothes.

Good Pants Choices

When it comes to pants, there are a few things to keep in mind when trying to flatter your frame. First and foremost, stick with classic cuts and flat fronts.  Straight-leg and ever-so-slightly boot-cut are good for jeans. Avoid skinny jeans and tapered trousers. When it comes to your pants, add volume with patterns and lines—but pass on the pinstripes to avoid accentuating your thinness.

Get Things Tailored to Fit Just Right

Tailored clothing is your friend when it comes to downplaying a lean frame. You may be tempted to do the opposite and wear things a bit bigger and looser to create the illusion you are carrying a bit more weight and muscle, but this will actually produce the opposite effect.

Heavier Fabrics Bulk You Up

Favor heavier fabrics when putting together your wardrobe. In cooler weather, a nice pair of corduroys can give your legs some oomph, while knitted wool cardigans of the chunky-variety, rather than that of the schoolboy.

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