Men’s Bracelet Ideas for All Ages

Even though women are the main concept of jewelry store ads, men are also watching and gaining interest in wearing these accessories. Men are often composed in their selections, so their choices when it comes to bracelets for males may be easily masked, multifunctional and something worn for more than to display to others. There are a number of collections available, from the simplest, affordable pieces to delicate options that mix imagination and craftiness for original wrist accessories.


Colored Rubber

Colored rubber was first started by cyclist Lance Armstrong’, only it was a simple circle of yellow rubber around his wrist but this colored rubber bracelets have taken off with charities, companies, clubs and even sports teams. The rubberized bracelets are easy to slip over the hand and can be worn under suits. A far cry from the original “Live strong” bracelet, men can now find bracelets representing support of a specific basketball team, cooperation in a charity marathon or a favorite band. Bracelets now also come in different design and styles such as camouflage and fire flames. These bracelets are a way for men to try out wearing jewelry that is extremely cost-effective.


Last 2008 presidential election, the public relations team behind Barack Obama showed just how remarkable single words such as “Hope” and “Believe” could be. They made use of t-shirts, bumper stickers and posters across the country to send out a message how to vote wisely and also encourage them in their daily lives. For daily inspiration, all you need to do is look down at your wrist when you wear a bracelet with a special word engraved upon it. Bracelets can be created out of beads with one letter per bead, embroidered with a special motivational word or saying, or heat-stamped into leather or metal. Think over a word that brings a smile to your face throughout the day.

Medical ID

Even in medical department, bracelets are still fashionable. A man who wants to alert emergency response personnel of a medical condition can wear his personal information around his wrist. These alert bracelets have come a long way from the bulky plastic circlets of the past. These days, they can be bought in different kinds such as silver, brass, metal and even magnetic materials that probably help maintain the body’s daily functions. The information is inscribed on the underside of the bracelet, so it is can’t be seen. Additional details like birthstones, knot work, embossing or charms may be added for extra splash.

Hip hop jewelry, bracelets for men, and fashion exploded in the 1980s when hip hop music was at its infancy. Reminisce of the 80s and flashbacks of Adidas track suits and fat rope dookie chains are likely to emerge. Back in the day hip hop fashion consisted of tracksuits, bomber jackets, bucket hats, fly kicks and other flashy attire.

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