6 Tips for Writing Online Car Ads


No matter what you are trying to sell, the internet can help. It can get your goods in front of lots of potential buyers; when it comes to selling your car privately, it is probably one of the best forms of advertising, but hop on any area’s Craigslist auto for sale section, and you will see that interested parties are spoilt for choice. You are essentially marketing your vehicle and it is important to write an ad that will get results. Here are some tips for writing advertisements that sell.

Be Catchy to Grab Attention

No matter what you are selling, an attention-grabbing headline will always work in your favor. Get creative with your online car ad. Headlines that ask a question are usually the most effective. For example, you may say something like ‘’Looking for an affordable and reliable car?’’ or ‘’Need something practical without the flash?’’ Think about what you are offering with your car and formulate the question.

Keep the Important Information Grouped Together

Online car ads can be quite detailed and it is important to keep all the important information that most people want to know the most all together in one spot. Reading classified after classified may be boring and people tend to skim. Examples of this key information include make, model, year, mileage and whether you are the original owner.

Be Honest about Recent Repairs

People do not expect used cars to be perfect, and an ad that is upfront about any recent repairs the vehicle has undergone shows you are honest, and anyone perceived as being honest will have a huge leg up in selling a used car. Also, it will let potential owners know right up front that these are not things they will need to worry about doing themselves.


There are many things that you may place in your ad that will benefit from further explanation as potential owners will likely want to know more. Instead of simply saying you need to sell the car, tell them why; if you are boasting of why the interior is so clean, tell them why—if it never had pets or kids in it, or you do not smoke, mention these things. If you are selling it for a ridiculously low price compared to comparable vehicles, tell the readers why.

Plain English

When crafting your ad, it is important to approach it from the angle of writing for a general audience; the average person will probably know very little about the specifics of a car, such as having a particular type of suspension system. Make an ad that speaks to all drivers of any education level.

Carefully Consider ‘’or Best Offer’’

When reading any sort of sales classified, you often see the phrase OBO,  or best offer. This means that the seller is willing to give you the item for less than his asking price—only include this in your ad if you are actually willing to do so. If you do not intend to consider significant reductions in the price, you could be setting yourself up for a lot of wasted time as people will be approaching you with offers that you would never consider. If you do decide you would accept a reduced price, it is important to determine beforehand just how low you are willing to go.

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