A Guide to Explore Barossa Valley with Family

Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley of Australia is a region steeped in history and known for its world class vineyards. Barossa Valley was settled in the mid-1800’s when the founder of the South Australian Company, George Fife Angas, moved European settlers from Prussia and other German speaking providences to the area. The settlers developed the land and built churches, schools, and some of the family owned wineries can still trace their beginnings from these settlers.

Today Barossa Valley is not only a premier wine producing area, but has a rich tradition of fine cuisine, art, architecture, and music. It is located about an hour and a half drive (70km) from the state capital city of Adelaide. If you are looking for a vacation destination for your family look no further than the Barossa Valley of the South Australia. The area offers many adrenaline experiences and family friendly activities for your enjoyment.

Barossa Valley

Hot Air Ballooning in Barossa Valley

One of the most exciting and thrilling family activities is hot air ballooning in Barossa Valley. Hot air balloon tours are available for around $300. Most are in the early morning and you can float above the picturesque wineries and villages of the valley. After your balloon adventure you can be treated to an excellent breakfast and sample some of the sparkling wines of the region. Balloon tours are available all year, and are a unique way to see and experience the beauty of the Barossa Valley.

Whispering Wall in Williamstown

The Whispering Wall is the retaining wall of Barossa Reservoir. Children and adults both love to test out the acoustics of the wall. You can whisper on one side and hear it on the other side 100 metres away. The dam was built between 1899 and 1903 and was a scientific achievement in its day. Learn about the construction and history of the dam, and enjoy the scenery of the area. Within walking distance of the Whispering Wall is the Miner Cottage in the old Barossa gold fields. Guests can stay in the restored eighteenth century miner’s cottage and enjoy the views of the beautiful Yakka Creek valley.

Barossa Bike Tours

Barossa Bike Tours of the Barossa Valley are a great way to see and taste all the area has to offer. Tours can be customized and children are welcome. Prices start at $75 for the basic package with add-ons available including accommodations, meals, airport and train transfers, massages, and almost anything else you might want to include. Travel from cellar to cellar sampling all the valley has to offer while enjoying the great outdoors on your bike.

Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park

Kaiserstuhl Conservation Park in Tanunda is perfect for families who love to experience the beauty of the outdoors. Bushwalkers can enjoy two walking trails through rocky outcrops, low forest, scrub and open grassland, and panoramic views of the Barossa Valley. The trails have native plants and points of interested identified making this the perfect way to expose your family to the wonders of Australian nature. You may even see kangaroos in their natural setting on your walks. Several species of birds inhabit the park, including Wedge-tailed Ealges, parrots, Blue Wrens, finches, thornhills, and honeyeaters.

Barossa Valley is the Perfect Family Vacation Spot

While the Barossa Valley is best known for its world class wineries, the area has several activities geared toward families. Several restored eighteenth century cottages and cabins are available for lodging as well as first class caravan sites. Tour the historic villages and towns of the area, and get in touch with all that the Barossa Valley has to offer for families.

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