Monterrey Mexico – A Destination That People Love To Explore

Monterrey Mexico

The world has in it many places full of Mother Nature’s bliss and these places offer solace to many travelers who come from all over the globe to get some relief from the hustle-bustle relief of the daily life. Monterrey in Mexico is one such destination loved by many including Bernell Gatlin, an avid traveler. As one of the industrialized cities, Monterrey offers many attractions that spellbound the travelers completely.

  • The Macroplaza – This is a big public square and worth a watch because of its easy accessibility and of course, its eternal beauty. Pretty gardens, well-maintained along with a huge rectangular structure has made Macroplaza a must visit. The place is easy to spot as the Lighthouse of Commerce, a 70 meter high structure near it acts as a guide for every tourist visiting the industrial city.
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art – For people who love art, visiting the museum can be the most enriching experience as it boasts of some of the world’s most spectacular modern art collection and has 11 galleries that exhibit sculptures, paintings and what not! The museum itself is a stunning one with a reflective mirror fountain and a beautiful garden in the courtyard. One can be spellbound by the Mexican art after visiting this famous museum.
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey – Words fall too short for describing the enchanting beauty of the catholic edifice of Monterrey. It took approximately 150 years to complete the magnificent It boasts of twin towers and has an extremely ornate exterior that fascinates any visitor immediately.
  • Fundidora Park and the Santa Lucia Riverwalk – Those who are nature lover can have a lifetime experience after walking beside the man-made river that connects Macroplaza to the Fundidora Park. There are also plenty of attractions for kids like playgrounds, a theme park, and many more. In short, it offers a sense of tranquility which is now a rare thing to experience in an urban lifestyle.
  • The Museum of Steel – Also known as Museo del Acero, the museum depicts strongly how the industrial city was a premier steel hub in its earlier days. The museum is built around a blast furnace and exhibits minute details of steel production.
  • Mexican History Museum – If someone is interested to learn about the history of Mexico, visiting this museum is essential. It depicts the political, cultural and economic history and introduces the visitors with rare facts about the rich history of the city which spring into life only after the arrival of Spanish people.
  • The García Caves and Horsetail Falls – If there is one place that can be said to win heart of Bernell Gatlin as a visitor; it is undoubtedly the picturesque caves accessible by a cable car. One can view the surrounding countryside and the breathtakingly beautiful Horsetail waterfalls add to the charm of this place which cannot be missed at all.

Some of the other attractions that Bernell Gatlin suggests to visit while during your stay at Monterrey are the Alfa Planetarium and the La Purisima Church.

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