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Advanced Twitter Tips for Small Business

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When running a small business, you have to come up with ways to be able to compete with bigger businesses in your industry. While you may not be able to spend more money than them in advertising, you can separate yourself by marketing on the Internet. One tool in particular that can come in handy is Twitter. With Twitter, you can interact with your audience directly and build relationships with them that can last over the long-term. While most businesses understand the basics of open an account and posting messages on Twitter, there are some more advanced techniques that you can use to relate further your business brand. Here are a few advanced Twitter tips to keep in mind. Based on my own experience, by running a social media campaign for one eCommerce website.

twitter seo

Complete Your Profile

Although you may have a Twitter account, you might not have fully completed your profile. Your profile is where people go to get information about you and your business, as well as what you have to offer. In your Twitter profile, include a link to your business website. Include an image in the profile image section as well as any other information that you can. Fill out the profile completely so that your visitors will be able to get as much information about you as possible.

Have Events

When you are trying to promote your small business online, using Twitter events can be a great way to do it. For example, if you are having some kind of sale or other event at your store, consider live Tweeting it. This involves posting a series of tweets about your event to get the conversation going. This can sometimes generate questions from people on Twitter, so that you can answer them right away.


If you are going to have any success with Twitter, you need to be able to put some time into it. This is not some magical tool that you can use to bring in customers without actually working hard at it. You need to post on Twitter as much as possible and follow other people. Read other people’s tweets and then retweet them. If you just show up every now and then and post some message about one of your latest and greatest products, people are not going to pay attention to you. Instead, they’ll simply think that you are posting spam and probably will not follow you anymore. It’s generally a good idea to show some personality and a good sense of humor as well. This shows that your business is a down-to-earth brand and that people can actually relate to you. Otherwise, they’ll lump you in with the corporate stiffs that aren’t worth following.

Promote Your Twitter Handle

If you want to be able to have some influence on Twitter, it’s important to get as many followers as possible. When you don’t have followers, your messages fall on deaf ears. Try to promote your Twitter handle as much as possible. Put on your business cards, put it on your website and on anything else you can think of. This will increase awareness of your Twitter profile and get people talking about it.

Once you have some experience on the network, you will be able to use it to its full ability. Twitter can really revolutionize the way you do business if you are willing to learn.

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