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Animal Rescuing Project of American Corporate Gets International Recognition

Petroleum Wholesale LP

In the recent years Petroleum Wholesale LP, The America’s fastest developing commercial fuel distribution company, having its headquarter in Texas has positioned it in the global map for its most appealing non-profit enterprise. The high-flying group has undertaken a series of curriculum aimed to rescuing helpless animals, their adoption and ensuring safety. In early 2015, the company, for the first time in nation’s history, has formed a fenced area measuring 10 acre of landed property in Conroe Texas. ‘The first time’ is in the sense that aside from public authorities no business enterprise has had shown interest in this kind of unique endeavor so massively. The project has been named as Rainbow Bridge Animal Rescue Conroe.

In the rescue program the community is committed to focus on comprehensive animal life preservation process by offering animals with up to date facilities ranging from accessing to rescue and treatment to habitat facilities. This great thought and project endeavor of Petroleum Wholesale LP is especially appreciated not only from the federal and state governments’ part but from all animal loving American citizens. As informed by the Group’s President J. Cook that other than the federally controlled public departments, they’re getting donations generously from many charitable societies, trusts and also from individuals together with letter of appreciation from all corners of the world projecting their great endeavor.

Petroleum Wholesale LP

This has made the entire community of Petroleum Wholesale LP quite motivated. As forecasted that with the project, the esteemed community is expected to protect lives of more than 700 animals each year. It has also bought another big grassy landed area in Leon Country, Texas to help protect existence of oversized animals exclusively. Many environmentalists think that the immense project is going to encourage environmental balance. The Petroleum fuel supplying specialist house owns vast landed properties in different states over Taxes, Nevada, Oklahoma and other states.

The Texas based enterprise began its journey in 1971 only with two distribution outlets in the states Oklahoma and Ardmore. Even being a family owned business Petroleum Wholesale has gained great popularity and recognition both nationally and globally. As a commercial grade fuel supplying enterprises, it appears as the largest and having most consolidated service network in the Western part of America. These days, its business is spread all across nine states backed by 90+ distribution partners. The states where it is operating include Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, California, Colorado, Wyoming and Houston.

The corporate headquarter is located in the Woodlands, Texas; and its western divisional office that takes care of the entire west zone sales, distribution and service is situated in Salt Lake City, UT. Being one of the top leading and trusted fuel distributing group Petroleum Wholesale LP is focused on supplying its channel partners and stores with high quality branded diesel, biodiesel, gasoline and lubricants since its inception. In Western part it has a very strong sales and distribution network. Prospective customers and truck drivers, when on the way, can always find their nearest distribution point through Google mapping. In 2015, Petroleum Wholesale has come forward with its latest Retail Marketing Concept, the Main Street Market in TX.

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