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Choosing the Most Unique Valentine Gift

Malls and Stores ooze with hearts and flowers two weeks before Valentine’s Day. There are so many choices but still it is difficult to find the perfect valentine Gift. Traditionally, couples would give each other gift such as flowers, chocolates, balloons and cards. This may be too cliché however. Yes, these gifts are great and they are really symbols of love but will it not be more interesting if you put in something a little different?

The perfect gift requires a lot of thought and effort. Perfect means something your loved one will appreciate and cherish. If you know her likes and dislikes then you probably know what she wants for Valentine’s Day. You could also ask help from her best friends, her sisters or her mom.


Flowers and Dinner.A bouquet of her favorite flower would be appreciated. Put in a little twist by coupling it with a love letter or a dinner reservation to your favourite classy restaurant. Also do the ordering, choose her favorite food and her favorite wine. You could ask a violinist to play for the both of you. Women, try cooking for your men. Change the whole atmosphere of your house to something romantic by setting a candlelit table and playing love songs.

Jewellery. It may be difficult to decide on what your sweetheart wants, especially for women. Jewellery for men has fewer choices, a watch, a bracelet or a necklace. Men would also prefer jewellery with less intricate designs. As for women start off by figuring out whether she prefers silver, gold or platinum then get reinforcement from her friends. Women often talk about what they want so her friends are your best source of information.

Expensive chocolates. You get her a box of the same chocolates each year and each year she says thank you. Surprise her this year by giving her expensive and uniquely designed chocolates. There are many available in Malls and in the internet. You could also have one made and personalized by a local chocolate shop.

Lingerie. Women love sexy and silky things. Buying her sexy underwear would take her breath away. There are a few considerations though. Do not buy something too sexy because she might get offended. Lingerie could still be sexy without diminishing the amounts of cloth used. For the ladies, remember that men also love sexy lingerie; this is a gift they dream of but do not expect.

Vacation. Stress might be catching up on both of you and eating up all the romance you have made through the years you have been together. Free yourself from stress and get romantic on a vacation for two. Reserve a vacation house or a hotel room somewhere far away from work and traffic. Relax and enjoy your time together.

If you do not have the budget, there are other less costly alternatives such as singing a loved song for your lover, a simple picnic or a movie night.Make sure to spend Valentine’s Day with the one you love. Expensive or unique presents may not mean anything when the giver is not there.

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