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Find Free Classified Ads on Any Phone Using new OLX Mobile App

OLX Mobile App

Well, OLX as you all know is one of the leading website for posting free classified ads and the recent news making a fuzz around the internet is about OLX classified mobile apps which are helping mobile users to sell anything freely.

At the time of writing this, the OLX classified mobile apps are available for Android, windows phone, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and various Nokia devices. Not to mention, if you don’t own any type of phones that I’ve just mentioned, you can follow the technique that I’ll be talking about to post your free classifieds.

OLX Mobile App

However, let’s talk about the benefits of using OLX on your mobile.

Search and find easily

With the integrated GPS of your mobile phone, the OLX mobile app is capable of locating your position to find the ads around you. That’s like if you’re living in Mumbai, you’ll start seeing ads that are within Mumbai. Off course, the range expands as you start searching more.

Reply to Ads

The feature of replying to the ads that you see on OLX website is also available on the app. No matter which mobile you’re using, you can simply reply to the ads from within the apps.

Instant Ad Posting

If you’re on mobile, it is convenient to use mobile camera to take the pictures of an item that you’re about to sell. You can also add description and your expected price using the same app.

Also, the app enable you to take a look at the photos in full screen mode.


The registered users have access to My OLX where you can track selling and buying of your items. The interface here is quite simple and easy to understand. All you’ve to do is just login with your credentials and you’re good to go.

Local Language Support

OLX offers local language support so that those who are not comfortable with using English can make use of local language to start buying and selling.

So, as I mentioned earlier, if your phone don’t fit-in in any of the category above, you can simply point the internet browser to You can do most of these tasks through the mobile version of too.

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