Unique Baby Shower Favors

baby shower favors

written by: mehreen

A baby shower is the highlight in the life of expectant mother’s pregnancy. Planning for a baby shower requires some consideration and planning for the special event especially for the expectant mother. Unique baby shower favors are the items which a person plans to give on the special event. It need not be complicated but must make an impressionable impact on the visitors. These favors provide a memento of this special event and also offer a simple way of thanking the guests for visiting and celebrating joy of the expectant mother. Most of the visitors are happy to be a part of the mother to be in her pregnant glory.

Planning for a baby shower requires a lot of thinking which includes the centerpieces to games, to food and favors for giving to the visitors. The best part of planning is buying the wonderful items which make the baby shower more unique and extraordinary. If you select some unique baby shower favors then it will not only be appreciated by the mother but also by the visitors receiving it. These favors should be something which is whimsical, unique and innovative so that it will be remembered as a beautiful memory for years to come.

baby shower favors

Unique Baby shower comes in every form, shape and size and these gift ideas include-
Miniature boxes of candy and chocolate
Body and bath items
Gift baskets
Movie tickets
Lotto tickets
To make the baby shower party more eventful and fun, the baby shower favors can coincide with the party’s theme to keep the fun alive. If the mother is expecting twins then the baby shower theme may revolve around multiples and the gifts may also be in accordance to the idea. Some ides for this situation include-
Twin candy bar
Any gift in two pairs
Pair of coffee spoons
Pedicure or manicure sets

One good idea for baby favors is to ask every guest to bring white elephant gift which is mock gift for exchanging at the party. This may include an open box of Oreo biscuits, roll of toilet paper or any used household appliances. Every guest brings the gift wrapped and then they select a number for drawing gifts. It is a great way of sharing joy and laughter in the baby shower situation.
There are other unique baby shower favors which will bring a smile on the face of your visitors. These gifts are appropriate for boy or girl shower. It includes-
Polka dot dotted photo frame- it is best to keep the first photo of the baby with dots scattered in red, blue, pink, yellow, orange and green color.
Beehive candles- this candle has a lovely honey scent, bronze bee charm and raffia tie.
Cute button shapes soap- this is pure white, round and sweet smelling button soap which is the perfect and unique baby shower favors to give.
Personalized favor boxes- it is personalized boxes in shape of carriage with label of your information. You can fill these boxes with mints and candy and can also be reused later as a reminder of the special day.

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