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Finding An Affiliate Network That Is Right For You

There are a lot of different ways to be an affiliate marketer.  There are all kinds of different products and offers to promote. One of the ways to be an affiliate is to promote cost per action (CPA) offers.

If you’re going to do this, you need to sign up for an affiliate network.  There are a ton of different networks that you can sign up for. There are also all kinds of different offers for you to promote in all kinds of different niche markets.

Things that you should consider when choosing an affiliate network: one of the first things to look at is how you get paid and how often. One of the reasons why you should look at that first is because you want to be able to reinvest the money that you make from promoting the offers. Find out whether you get paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. Will you get paid by Paypal, or do you have to wait for a check (which can take time to clear if you are not based in the US).

Another thing that you should look for is how many offers they usually have and how many exclusive offers they have. The more offers then better, it gives you a lot of flexibility because it allows you to promote in a number of different niches, it also makes sure that everyone isn’t promoting the same offers. Another obvious thing to look at is the offer payouts.

Another big thing to look at is the support. It is never a good idea doing business with a company that doesn’t have good support. Do they give you an affiliate manager to contact? How are you able to contact them? What type of hours can you contact them? Do they give you good resources for promoting offers? These are all questions that you should be asking yourself when you’re thinking about signing up for an affiliate network.

The best thing to do is just sign up for as many networks as you can and see how it goes.  If you don’t like an affiliate network, you can just not use them.  Remember there is no such thing as a perfect affiliate network, so you sometimes have to take the good with the bad. A few popular CPA affiliate networks are Neverblue, Maxbounty, Revenueads, and Clickbooth. If CPA isn’t your thing, you might want to look into more traditional Cost Per Sale affiliate networks such as Commission Junction, Shareasale, Amazon and Clickbank (for digital products).

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