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Five Home Renovations that Could Harm Resale

When looking to add value to a home, many opt to perform renovations. When doing so, one can usually see a solid return on their investment. However, not all home improvement projects will help the resale value of a house. Here are the top five home renovations that could hurt the resale value of a property.

Pool: Many people love to sit by the pool and sip on a cocktail while enjoying the sun. Unfortunately, some potential buyers will see a swimming pool as nothing more than a money pit. Of course, in certain areas, a pool will be an asset. Remember, when getting a pool, it may be more difficult to sell the property to a future buyer.

Overboard with landscaping: Many will appreciate a beautiful yard. With exotic and interesting plants, the current owner can get plenty of enjoyment out of their backyard. In fact, when showcasing the garden to prospective buyers, a seller can excite and interest some people. However, some will view a lush garden as something that will cost a lot of money and take too much time to maintain. Instead, when selling a home, the seller should have a simple, yet appealing, garden. When doing this, one will have an easy time impressing most potential buyers.


Specialized: When a homeowner adds marble countertops or expensive shower tiles, he or she will expect to recoup their investment. Unfortunately, while most buyers will appreciate the look, they may not be willing to pay the premium that a homeowner will expect. Furthermore, some will not appreciate the look and will have no interest in the property. When looking to live in the house for years or decades, one can add their own special flair. However, when looking to sell the house in a year two, one should perform minor upgrades instead.

Appliances: Often, one will sell their home with the appliances included. This makes it easier for both sides during the transaction. Unfortunately, a seller who spent a serious amount of money on new appliances will not recover his or her money. This is especially true when a homeowner buys high-end items such as a luxurious refrigerator or dishwasher. Keep In mind, some people will prefer to bring their own appliances and will have no interest in top-of-the-line products.

Converting a garage into a room: Now, plenty of young adults move home after attending college. In an effort to appease their kids, some parents convert their garage into a spare bedroom. Most buyers will prefer a garage in its original state. Remember, not everyone will want an extra bedroom since they may want to store their prized automobile away from the elements.

When understanding what excites buyers and what irritates them, a seller will get the best value for his or her updates to the property. Luckily, when using window contractors one can add value to their home without spending too much money.

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