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Garden Showpiece – The Ultimate Garden Show Stopper

Many of us spend our free time in our gardens. We work diligently on our green thumbs as we cherish and tend to our favorite plants and flowers. It is a labor of love in many cases, and nothing quite shows how much our gardens mean to us like creating beautiful and distinctive displays. Often we use inspired and resourceful means to build stunning garden showpieces for our friends, family, and neighbors to enjoy.

A popular way to showcase a garden is with inventive and imaginative uses of space. The Japanese have perfected the use of space in their pursuit of the ideal miniaturized landscape. One spectacular example of this talent is the creation of the bonsai tree. These superlative yet diminutive plant specimens make for some absolutely spectacular showpieces for the dedicated gardener.

Another great way to maximize a limited amount of space, while at the same time creating a distinctive display of botanical skill, is with a box or raised garden. These ingenious planting spaces often use recycled materials in their construction and allow for the greatest amount of produce from the least amount of space. Some extremely talented gardeners have produced tiered confections that literally take the breath away with their beauty and originality.

Topiaries, or sculptured shrubberies, are also popular forms of garden art that can function as perfect showpieces. One famous topiary garden is located at the Château de Villandry in France. The hedge mazes of this wondrous garden are as beautiful as they are legendary. Another famous topiary garden is the Fryar Garden in South Carolina. These lovely and unusual botanical showpieces are perfect examples of what is possible with a little imagination and dedication.

Sculptures are also a perfect showpiece for a special garden. Some of the world’s most beloved art was intended to grace a simple flower garden. One famous sculpture garden belongs to Australia’s Bruno Torfs. His imaginative and one of a kind works of art are nestled into a lush, rainforest-like setting on several hundred acres. Mr. Torfs and family faced a terrible tragedy in 2009 when a bushfire destroyed the entire property, forest and buildings alike. Since then Mr. Torfs and family have been working diligently to rebuild.

As with sculptures, some of the most famous garden showpieces in the world are fountains. The Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen house some six hundred stunningly beautiful water fountains. The Peterhof Palace of Russia also houses a famous fountain in the gardens. The Grand Cascade and Samson Fountain are popular tourist attractions, and the palace itself has been called the Russian Versailles, which of course has its own share of famous fountains.

The imaginative and unique ways to display botanical and artistic talents are limitless. Gorgeous and fantastical garden showpieces can be found in nearly every corner of the world, but they don’t have to be famous to be beautiful. There are many ordinary gardeners who create spectacular displays and show them off to friends and neighbors alone. No effort is wasted when the work is enjoyable and satisfying.

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