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Get Your House Ready To Sell Inexpensively

Today’s housing market is competitive, and you need to find a way to stand out to buyers. Here you will find 10 inexpensive ways to get your house ready to sell.


Home Staging

When staging your home, you should try to appeal to the majority of buyers and to highlight the strengths of your home. For example, by moving the furniture away from the walls and into groups, the room will appear larger.


You will want to pack away the family photos and knickknacks until after your house has sold. Potential buyers need to imagine their lives in your house, so removing as much of your life as possible will only help.


There are two strategies for removing clutter from your home: organize it or get rid of it. Flat surfaces like the kitchen counter top, end tables and coffee table should remain clean and clutter-free.


Choosing a neutral paint color is a great, inexpensive way to freshen your home. A warm honey or a soft blue is an effective choice for large spaces like family rooms and kitchens. If you want to choose a bold color, consider trying a sage green in a bathroom or bedroom.

Curb Appeal

Spending some extra time pulling weeds and making sure the lawn has been mowed will pay off in the end. Updating the flower beds with bright, welcoming colors is an inexpensive, yet productive choice.


Make sure that all lighting fixtures are clean and have working bulbs. Rooms that are normally dark will benefit from additional lighting, like a floor lamp or a table lamp.

Minor Repairs

Buyers will often judge the overall maintenance of your home by the minor issues that they have noticed. Spending a small amount of money on these repairs will often save you thousands in the end. Especially in New Jersey, roofing problems can often cause buyers to back out of a deal. Updating your roof is a major selling point that buyers will love.

Clean Windows

Taking the time to clean your windows will help to sell your home. Another great selling point is if your home has new windows. You can even consider purchasing windows online to save money.

Organize Storage Areas

You should consider organizing all closets, the garage and the basement. Even if you have a walk-in closet, you will want to organize and clear out most of the clothing and accessories. By organizing and removing these items, your space will appear larger.


One of the final factors to consider is the smell of your home, especially if you have pets or if you are a smoker. Try to confine pets to one part of the house and avoid smoking in the home. Cleaning your carpets will also help to freshen the smell.

Taking the time to prepare your house will pay off in the end. With a small investment of time and money, your house will surely sell.

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