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Hiring a Water Supply Truck

water truck

Water supply trucks have many colorful nicknames across the country. Many call them ‘water buffaloes’. There are few things more necessary to daily life than water. When water supplies are interrupted or scarce the water supply truck is a modern boon and in times of emergency they are indispensable.

water truck

Unique design and fastidious care and cleanliness allow water trucks to provide a clean potable water source wherever needed. These services are sometimes referred to as bulk water deliveries.

Homeowners reliant on well-water have been delighted to order this service. The delivered water can be stored in tanks or sometimes put right into their well, allowing regular water use while a new well is being dug or as extra assistance through a drought.

Temporary job-sites and government project-sites are frequent users of water supply trucks. Flushing water systems and fire control systems are vital to inspections and dust control on a construction site may be accomplished with a sprinkler system and water delivery.

Potable water is drinking water quality. A new business site may order a water truck for drinking purposes although the new building site or remote location may have an adequate natural supply of non-potable water. Water which has not tested safe for drinking may still have many uses such as laundry, cleaning, plant watering or swimming pool filling.

Private parties or remote or secluded events are a happy delivery for the water supply truck. Homeowners may prefer to order water to be delivered for their pools, especially if they have wells with small pumping systems. Calculating the water volume capacity of a swimming pool can be fairly simple depending on the shape of the pool. There are many automatic calculators on-line, but the answer is also listed in pool manufacturers’ manuals.

Communities and remote homesteads have been saved from total disaster by the scheduled and regular deliveries of water supply trucks.

In an emergency situation, the quick response of a water supply truck is especially appreciated. Violent storms, earthquakes, breaks in water lines caused by accidents or aging infrastructure can leave whole communities without the necessities of life.

Potable and non-potable water delivery trucks come in varied sizes. A typical water supply truck will carry 1000 to 5000 liters. Those water supply trucks built for more industrial and commercial use may carry 20000 to 40000 liters.

Be prepared for your water truck delivery. Pools are easy, of course, but if you need the water in your storage tank be aware of the mechanics. What type of connection is on your tank? Does it need to be pumped or will gravity flow be enough to fill it? Don’t wait for an emergency before checking to see if you need any additional connections.

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