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How to Create the Look of New Kitchen on a Tight Budget

Create the Look of New Kitchen

Is your kitchen old and ugly and screaming for a makeover? Your kitchen should be a place you enjoy spending time. If you tolerate your kitchen, it is time to renovate. However, remodels cost a pretty penny which you may not have. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on your style. There are several ways to give your kitchen a new look without breaking the bank. You need to be creative and know where to splurge and where you can cut cost. Here are tips that will help you renew your kitchen.

Create the Look of New Kitchen

Change Flooring

Updating the floors of your kitchen is a quick way to revive it. Ideally, you would prefer wood floors or tiles, but they can be expensive. However, you can shop around for cheap tiles, or you can look for laminate and vinyl flooring. They are affordable and can be made to mimic the expensive flooring options. If the tiles are still in good shape, you can replace the chipped tiles. Adding a rug will also give your floor a new look.

Paint the Walls

Are the walls of your kitchen dull? Painting the walls gives it a fresh and new look. The best part about painting is that you can do it yourself. You simply need to buy good quality paint and the equipment to use. However, choosing a paint colour can be confusing. Do you go monochrome or mix different shades? It all depends on your style. But you should pick a unique colour that will make your kitchen special. If you can’t decide which colour to paint the walls, go with white.

Refinish the Kitchen Door and Drawer Fronts

Your kitchen will look dull if the cabinet doors are chipped, broken, and have scratches. Removing the old cabinets and replacing the kitchen door and drawer fronts don’t come cheaply. But you can revamp the cabinets at a budget-friendly cost. Refinishing or replacing the doors will have a significant impact on the look of your kitchen. A new coat of paint and changing the hinges go a long way in refreshing your kitchen. But if the doors are worthless and refinishing won’t save it you should replace the kitchen doors and drawer fronts. Are you wondering where to get replacement doors? Kitchen Magic got you covered.

Change Lighting

A dim kitchen is dreary and uninviting. Therefore, if you want to revive your kitchen, get creative with the lighting. Add task lamps for the countertops or use overhead lights that add ambiance to the dining area. Chandeliers may be expensive, but you can use pendant lights.

Update the Faucet

Did you know that replacing the old tap can give your kitchen a new look? I know a faucet seems insignificant and you probably think it doesn’t affect the look of your kitchen. The truth is, replacing your faucet adds character to your kitchen and improves efficiency. Taps are quite affordable, and there are various options to choose from, like copper, stainless steel, and faucets with ceramic handles.

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