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How You Can Use Twitter to List Houses for Sale

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As of late 2012, the social media site Twitter had over 200 million active monthly users and it’s one of the top ten most visited websites in the world. This means that if you are thinking of selling your home and you have a Twitter account, your home’s listing should be broadcast on this site as doing so can greatly improve your chances of making a fast sale and getting the price you want for your home. Here are a few tips to help you get the most out of the Twitter experience.

home selling

Make Your Listing Re-Tweetable

Once you have your home listed on a for-sale-by-owner (FSBY) site or have set up a website for your listing, you need to share the url with your followers to make it re-tweetable. Take the time to re-word the tweet so that it sounds natural and tag any followers who may be looking for houses for sale or whom may know people who are in the market for homes. Keep your tweet well under the 140 character limit so people won’t have to chop it down to retweet it.

Use Images in your Tweets

The old saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ couldn’t be more true when it comes to using Twitter for any purpose. Tweets that include photos get double the engagement on Twitter than those without. Even though your text will have to be shorter when you include a photo, it’s worth it as people appreciate being able to quickly and easily see an image of your home. To make room for more characters for your tweet, use abbreviations that people will easily understand. Be sure that the photos you use are clear and of the best quality as nothing can turn someone off faster than a poorly shot photo.

Don’t Forget the Hashtags

Tweets with a pound sign or hashtag (#) placed before them helps Twitter to categorize the tweets, making them easily searchable. People who are looking for houses for sale say in the Phoenix area commonly search using something like #forsalebyowner Phoenix. It’s crucial that you use hashtags in your tweets so don’t neglect to do so as it will help considerably in hooking you up with prospective buyers.

Tweet About Your Home Regularly

Remember that the pace on Twitter is very fast. This social media site is far different from Facebook where it’s common to see a friend’s status update or photo that was posted days ago. On Twitter however, the platform is designed to be fast-paced as Twitter users get their enjoyment from the small, bite-sized pieces of news they receive. This means that it’s very important to regularly tweet about your home for sale every day. You should change your tweets so you don’t bore people and get flagged as a spammer. You can keep your tweets fresh by simply updating people about any improvements you’ve made or by posting info about your open house.

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