Interesting Facts About the Beatles Band

Beatles Band tshirts

The Beatles was a very famous rock band. It was formed in 1960 and since its inception; the band became one of the most successful bands in the history of rock music. The group was composed of four members John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. All members in the band played different roles.

Every country that the band toured they were selling Beatles band- T-shirts and albums. By 1960s, Beatles was very famous and the group had inspired a lot of rock fans.

Beatles Band tshirts

Overview of The Beatles

The group recorded their first album in 1962 in London and it was under Martin’s guide. But, Martin was not happy especially with the drumming and he requested for a drumming session at the studio. Martin hired a drummer called Andy white and he played the band single known as “Love me do”. This single was released in October and it became top twenty in the U.K charts. In Mid October they started to promote their albums and Band T-shirts. As the band grew Lennon and McCartney created a good songwriting partnership. Every where the band went to perform they were wearing T-shirts and jeans. Their songs and albums can still be bought online and they are sold at reasonable prices.

Beatles Tour in the U.K

The Beatles were the best selling rock band because they sold more than one billion copies and Beatles band T-shirts. Their songs were very popular and appeared in the UK charts several times than any other rock band. The band sold more copies in the United States than any other English rock band. In 2008, the Beatles managed to top the billboard magazine as one of the most successful band in history. The Band was awarded seven awards for being the best writers, composers and authors. Besides that, the group was also included in the time magazine because of their music.

They also toured Sweden

The Beatles had a logo and it was drawn in the band T-shirts, in front of their bass drum and on their album. The logo was designed by a designer and it emphasized so much about the word beat. The group toured UK three times to promote their album and to sell copies. When they toured U.K for the first time they were welcomed by ardent fans at the Heathrow Airport. Some of the people who went to welcome the band were fifty journalist and reporters from BBC. The police had a very rough time to control the crowd because they were using water hoses to control the crowd. They also toured Sweden.
The Beatles of one of the most legendary bands who was too extremely commercially successful. They sold many album and other things, they broke hearts of billions of women around the globe, they rocked many crowds of people who don’t even know English. The reasons is simple – they spread the world of love and harmony which is understandable by everybody regardless the language spoken and skin color.

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