Latest Trends in Scrub Style

Nurses have evolved greatly in their presentation with ages. Apart from sporting stylish nursing scrubs, that speak volumes of fashion, trend and style now, there are few pointers that need to be kept in mind when nurses are at their units. This will help them in looking more sophisticated and professional.

Body art: You may feel your body is a field to showcase your love for tattoos and piercings, but on a hospital floor your opinion may be deferred. They may-be completely ruled out by conservative and older patients. Many people may find them offensive. But if you are lucky and work amongst the people who do not mind your love for body-art, then the least you can do to show them some appreciation for being so flexible is wear transparent or flesh-colored keepers. This will in turn help you look more professional and you’ll be treated more seriously.

Neutral Make-up:  Be extra careful when opening the colored palette to treat your face. You have to remember you’re heading to a medical facility and not a wild party. Overdoing it is disastrous. Also please ensure you remove all the make-up from a previous night-out with pals, there can be no excuses for a loud and bold statement making appearance. Mostly it is advisable to avoid any make-up when you hit the floor. But if you cannot resist the desire then go for a simple and neutral shade.

No Blingy business: Your favorite necklace or ring or earring can do, without accompanying you to the hospital while you head to do your duty. Wearing a lot of bling; be it multiple rings, bracelets or chains are a strict no-no. They are easy targets for germs to settle in. Small or no ear-rings are your best and safest bet.

A fragrant affair: Many medical facilities have banned the use of perfumes, aftershaves and scented soaps wholly. However, if you are allowed to wear it (Check the policy of your employer) then you should wear just one squirt and refrain from using the strikingly powerful ones.

Hand, feet and Hair: You should take ample care of your hand feet and hair as they are constantly coming in contact with infectious substances. Hair should be styled in such a way that it stays off your face the entire day and you are able to comfortable complete your shift without being irritated by hair flowing all over your face. Braids and ponytails work well for both men and women. Facial hair in the form of moustache and beards also need to be trimmed regularly (Exception for hair grown for religious purpose). Chest hair should be well-covered by wearing a t-shirt or vest under your scrub. Your hands, cuticles and nails should always be well-maintained as they can be a breeding ground for germs. No acrylic or gel nails for women, short nails for both men and women are the set norm. Your feet should be treated with utmost care as they help you get through the tedious shifts and you are using them the most; also for the fact that you’ll have just one pair to help you through your entire career span. Wearing comfortable shoes rather than the ones with cute designs or patterns, that are not restricting your movement or causing any damage to your feet is the best.

Your secret underneath: It is shocking to see how many people intend not to wear any under-wear and how easy it becomes to spot them. People do not need to know all your underlying secrets they are best kept to yourself.

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