Make Your Marriage Work – Women and Physical Intimacy

Studies reveal that most women long for physical intimacy in their relationships, regardless whether they are married or are simply in a relationship. Women are often misunderstood, truth is they just wanted to feel more connected to their loved ones and be truly loved and cared for.

A lot of women wish to be deeply loved by their partners, not in a sexual way, but in a rather genuinely emotional manner. They all desire to be told why their partner loves and adores them. Women savor the idea of being told what he sees in her to be so special that he chose her over several other women around. More and more women are seriously yearning for flattery and love day in and day out.


Women often say that if they can have the best of everything especially in their relationships, then they’d rather want to be hugged more, kissed more, touched more, and above all, be loved some more. Moreover, if a woman wants more physical intimacy, she’d surely prefer more passionate love making because she can feel that she is being loved and cared for, and not treated as a mere sex object like the rest. To put it succinctly, women wanted more intimacy – physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Aside from being affectionate with her other half, most women want something meaningful out of their every relationships. She wants a stronger emotional connection with her mad first, instead of going after purely physical connections. Thus, what she truly wants is to be a part of her man’s life because that’s simply what she’s been meaning to do.

For women to attain this deeper soulful fulfillment, every woman must be recognized by her man for who she is and for what she can do for her family and loved ones. She needs to be respected, heard, and be given freedom to do whatever that makes her totally happy. Likewise, she needs to be appreciated and treated like she is special, all women wanted to be treated that way.

Women, like your sister, mom, or any female relative needs all the positive reinforcements and affirmations she can get. And before you ask her to something intimate or physical, feed her mind and her emotions first. If you do, all things will come smoothly and both of you will enjoy your marriage and this can even bring your physical intimacy to the next level today.