Outdoor Hen Party Must Haves

outdoor hen party

Being inside for a hen party can be somewhat stifling, or if your home is small it could even be too crowded. Maybe you and the girls don’t want to go out but you don’t have the space to house them all for a party. Well there are easy ways to put together an outdoor hen party for a fairly small extra cost to make sure everything’s good and ready. As simple as a picnic, here are outdoor hen party must haves to help keep your party guests happy, content and comfortable.

outdoor hen party

First and foremost having some form of outdoor shelter is a must. It can be a tent of some sort, or a patio with an overhang. If you really must just leaving your backdoor open and letting your guests go inside if they want can work. This is to help protect them from any sudden weather conditions as well as to prevent people from getting sunstroke and other ailments that come from being outside for too long.

On that note another essential to have is weather-specific beverages handy. If it’s a warm and sunny day having some water at hand at all possible times is absolutely crucial to keep people from overheating or becoming dehydrated. This shouldn’t be too hard since you’ll usually be serving beverages at a hen party anyway, but it should be noted that soft drinks and alcohol do not necessarily help with dehydration and water should always be available, even if it’s the kitchen sink in your home—given that there’s no water ban on at the time.

Next is something to clean up with. This doesn’t seem like it might be a big issue, but the outside can be a very messy area. Having a stain remover on hand, such as a Tide 2 Go stick, can make a huge difference in the atmosphere of the party. There’s nothing more dampening than ruining a favorite dress or outfit because it got splashed with a bit of mud or rained on by accident. Granted the stain remover might not help with soaked clothing, but that will lead into the next item on the list.

Make sure people come prepared, with coats or jackets as necessary, because you never know when the weather might change and the rain pours down. A sudden soaking can really ruin a party if you’re not prepared, and having an alternative plan or a back-up ready in case the weather does change is hugely advised to keep the party from coming to a dead halt. The bride is about to get married, you don’t have time to try again, after all.

Finally there are the smaller things that the guests should have handy. They tie into other options here, but should still be mentioned. Lip balm or lip gloss should be ready to keep lips from being chapped, sunglasses to protect the eyes on sunny days and the sunscreen to match it, to prevent anyone from getting burnt. Appropriate footwear is also a very important option.

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