Men Of The World – Hear Our Call!


I’ll let you into a secret… we women think you guys have got it easy. Every day you get-up, sit around in your pants while you eat your breakfast, quick shower, throw on a t-shirt and jeans and off you go. Mornings are so simple for you, aren’t they?  Well, that’s how it looks and we have been jealous for years. However, I’ve been watching your style movements lately and I know your secret… and I’m going to tell!


Check You Out!
It seems that more and more of you have been online and consulting sites about your body shape. Fair enough, all you ‘Muscle Marys’ out there need to know how small a size you need to buy your gym vests in right? No, that’s not it at all… it seems you have also been consulting online sites about your body shape, what is normal and how to buy clothes to fit your shape. Secrets out – breathe a sigh of relief. It’s ok and it’s about time too…

What body shape are you, anyway?
A number of sites are starting to offer advice as to whether you are Ectomorph, (slim) Mesomorph (muscular) or Endomorph (well rounded) – (far more butch sounding than the women’s equivalent of chilli, hourglass or apple) and there are handy calculators too where you upload your height, weight and build and they explain which category you fall in.

What to avoid
This often leads onto a clothes list detailing what to avoid wearing and what looks good. Fantastic! There is a whole new clothing revolution going on in menswear departments everywhere but where’s the catch? Are we suddenly going to have boyfriends better looking than us? Are we going to have to wait for you to finish getting ready before we go out? Of Course not; I will always have more pairs of shoes than you!

So, who is responsible for this change in attitude? Could it be the new bromances cropping up everywhere? Could it be that a lot of our male icons are looking increasingly well groomed? Or is it because we are battling with age in a world seemingly dominated by nubile young boy bands? Or is it simply because fashion is more accessible and attitudes have changed? Nowadays it’s ok to be seen deliberating over the impressive array of man moisturisers in Boots, nobody minds if you are to be seen reading Esquire and GQ instead of Nuts and FHM. Whatever the reason we are relieved to see the changing tide and if you are still unsure, here’s a few pointers to keep you on the straight and narrow (unless you are endomorph in which case you are better off doing wide but shapely). The important thing to remember is there is no ‘Perfect body shape’ You just got to work with what you’ve got… but trust me we love it!

 Author Bio
Sara Coppola is a fashion and lifestyle writer for Miinto. After years of deliberating her own body shape she has given up and moved onto yours.

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