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Planning Ahead & Getting On With the Move

Well over 50 percent of all moves happen during the months of May to August. Students are moving into and out of student housing. Families are moving before children must start a new school year. Couples who are newly married are setting up their first home together. Although moves include many details and duties to handle, organization definitely gives an advantage. Here are some helpful tips on how to make the moving process run as smoothly as is possible:

Have Everything Done Beforehand
People need to plan ahead, at least a month before moving day. The decisions regarding who will drive the car, how to pack the moving truck, and where the children will ride should be made before moving day. When the New Jersey U-Haul rental is pulled up to the front door, details should fall into place and the process happen like clockwork.

Good Planning with Documents and Lists Together
Keeping a folder or an online file of all lists and documents for the move is vital. House rental and lease agreements or purchasing papers and estimates on repairs at the old or new home are the types of documents to keep in one convenient place.

Be Sure to Change Addresses at the Post Office
Notifying the United State Postal Service of the new address is a necessary task. No one wants private mail delivered to their old address. The notification form online at for change of address will ensure delivery to the new location. All banks, insurance and other businesses and services like satellite TV must also receive notice of the address change.

Sort Belongings before Packing
1202718268_ed0fb1183aBefore the packing begins, owners should move from room to room and sort their belongings. Those items to pack can stay, but other items should be given to a charity organization like a homeless shelter. Of course, all trash should be discarded. Eliminating everything not going to the new address will save time and energy when packing.

The Packing Job
People should be realistic and give themselves plenty of time for the actual packing of belongings. Once all the sorting and move organization is completed, the packing of all items to be moved must be done. Large items like furniture should have packing quilts and blankets taped around them for protection.

Label Boxes and Keep Important Items Accessible
In order to keep all belongings in some kind of order, keeping an inventory is wise. Packers should label each box that is packed so that the contents are known. Keeping boxes for specific rooms together is an excellent action plan. However, valuables like jewelry should kept near the owners and items used every day like medicines, battery chargers and hygiene products should remain accessible. Good planning and getting things done ahead of time will help make moving day a success.

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