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Self Love: Talking to Yourself Encourages Optimism

We all talk to ourselves; in fact we do it very often. Talking to yourself does not mean you are crazy, it is perfectly normal and it has many benefits as well. Though talking to one’s self may seem irrational, it has been proven to affect our behavior.

Mentally or vocally conversing with yourself helps you learn and perform better. By mentally sending messages, you can enhance your attention span and filter out distractions such as noise.

Talking to yourself helps you to regulate or control your response towards cognitive and emotional progressions within. Your behavior towards the various circumstances in life is a reflection of your thoughts; how you see things and how you see yourself.

We talk to ourselves in order to achieve something such as a task or a goal. Whenever we perform day to day operations such as texting or doing the groceries, we are unconsciously talking to ourselves.

Now, conversations with yourself are affected by your view of things. This may be due to past experiences like how you were raised and things that happened which are considered significant by your thought. Self-talk maybe happening unconsciously but it also has an effect on your conscious state.

Talking to yourself could also boost your belief in yourself and in your abilities. For very pessimistic persons, assuming the negative or the worst of the worse seems to be an immediate response to problems or endeavors. It seems that the brain is getting used to assuming that one’s abilities may not be enough to accomplish a task or reach a goal. As for persons who are very optimistic, they believe that everything will turn out fine, oftentimes without doing anything to make things happen.

There are ways to achieve a different way of self-talk. Your thoughts reflect on your accomplishments and abilities, developing it to be better is also a way of improving one’s self to reach goals.

Start changing your view of things by assessing yourself. Ask yourself why you have that way of thinking, what have you undergone in order for you to develop such thinking? When you have found this out, it would be easier to eliminate the cause of your negative approach to things by undergoing therapy.

After which you can start small in trying to change your views. Talk to yourself confidently and boost your own ego. Studies have shown that those who are a little optimistic and are confident with themselves often achieve what they want. Talk to yourself positively and believe that you can do things and reach your goals.

You way of thinking may also be affected by the affirmations that you use. As a pessimistic individual, cure yourself by using positive affirmations. This will assure you that you can actually achieve what you want.

There is no one better to boost your ego than yourself. Positive self-talk will bring you to places.

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