Tips to Easily Win in Escape Room Game

Tips to Easily Win in Escape Room Game

Escape room is an unpredictable game wherein you have no idea of what challenges you need to face. You must be well prepared! Escape game is a tricky game and not a straight forward one. One strategy would not fit all. In this article, we are going to tell you a few important tips that will definitely help you to make your escape game successful in no time.

Be organized with all items and clues you find

You will be provided with a set of different objects and items. Staying organized and keeping track of all the items that you need to find is very essential. It will give you clarity and save you from unwanted distraction.

When you know what items need to be used and in what order they need to be found will definitely save a lot of your valuable time. Keep a separate pile for items that have been searched and items that have to be searched. This will massively assist you to stay organized and group them at one place.

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Tips to Easily Win in Escape Room Game

Have someone to keep track of your time

Some rooms prohibit their participants to use phones while playing the game. However, time has a great significant to accomplish your target in stipulated time. You need to keep a track the number of minutes you have to solve your problem. Depending on the amount of time left, you can either stay on the task or move to another one.

Communicate effectively

Effective communication holds a lot of importance when it comes to playing this game. It is about communicating in a way that your team members listen to you attentively, and are willing to take your orders.

It is needed to communicate about your position constantly and the things that you hear and see. This will increase the overall knowledge of the group and also increase the possibilities of escaping from the game.

Don’t put all your time on a single puzzle

Escape game is a time bound game wherein you get only a limited period of time to solve all the puzzles that are provided to you to solve. Unless and until you solve all the required puzzles, you are not able to escape the game.

Smart strategy would be to dedicate specific time to each puzzle. If it doesn’t get solved in that timeframe, then it is advised to move on to the next one. Do not baffle around one particular puzzle hopelessly, instead make progress to other puzzles so that you can complete as much as you can. You can go back to your unsolved puzzles in the end when you still have some time with you for the game to finish.


All these tips are the fundamental ones that will definitely prove to be useful in all formats of escape room games.

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