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Setting up an Offshore Site in The Seychelles

Offshore Site

A Seychelles offshore company can save money. A tax haven, an International Business Company (IBC) that is formed there can save a lot of money because a tax bill of any value doesn’t have to be paid. As secrecy is maintained, information about shareholders and directors is never passed onto a third party because the Seychelles government hasn’t agreed to do so with any other nation. Although an organisation can be responsible for incorporating an offshore company, a Formation Agent can help and here’s why:

Offshore Site

The whole process is explained

Incorporating a company in the Seychelles can be confusing. If an organisation hasn’t done so before, a Formation Agent can explain the entire process. As they are knowledgeable about the legal system in the Seychelles and have incorporated plenty of other companies before in this jurisdiction, a Formation Agent can inform their clients about what will happen.

Details for a Registered Agent are provided

A Registered Agent’s address is the same as what an offshore company will have. If an organisation hasn’t incorporated an offshore company before, it can be difficult to find a Registered Agent. By paying the relevant fee, a Formation Agent can instantly provide details about a Registered Agent that is in the Seychelles.

Cost effective

Hiring a Formation Agent needn’t be expensive. A breakdown of their fees can be provided which details exactly what their clients are paying for. By obtaining multiple quotes from several Formation Agents, the right one can be found which will be within an organisations’ budget. Although the first quote can be chosen, a different quote that is provided by other Formation Agents can be more reasonable – it is highly recommended that numerous quotes are obtained before making a final decision.

A bank account can be set up

The money that is in the bank account which is owned by an offshore company is what’s subject to zero taxation. A Formation Agent can register a bank account in the Seychelles so that it can be used by an offshore company. As soon as an offshore company has been incorporated, money can be deposited into it. Consequently, a huge sum can be transferred into a bank account in the Seychelles as soon as it exists where no tax will ever be deducted. Even if hundreds of thousands of US Dollars are transferred into a bank account, it isn’t taxed.

It can be incorporated quickly

The incorporation process in the Seychelles can be done by a Formation Agent relatively quickly. In fact, the entire process can be completed within twenty four hours – it can even be finalised in the space of an afternoon.

When a Renewal Fee is due

A Renewal Fee has to be paid by a Seychelles offshore company on an annual basis. A Formation Agent can inform their clients about when a Renewal Fee is due. As a result, an organisation won’t forget to pay it because it’ll be reminded by a Formation Agent.

Seychelles.offshoreformations247 has over 25 years experience in setting up companies within the Seychelles. They are part of the Offshore Formations 247 group.

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