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Shelving for Storage Success

storage success

When it comes to storage at the workplace, fixed or mobile shelving options are an important investment. This on-site availability is a necessary component for quick, easy access to important materials, and is more economically sound than off-site storage.

Questions to Consider

What is being stored? Start by taking inventory. Do you need space to keep files or books? Perhaps, you run a medical office with X-rays to organize. There’s a good chance you have more than one specific storage need, from tools and files to athletic equipment and office supplies. Be thorough when considering what storage will work best for your organization.

What are the dimensions? After you’ve decided your storage needs, it’s important to determine what size shelving clearance will be necessary. If you are storing files, for example, are they letter or legal size? Also, consider capacity. File thickness should be examined, as you customize shelving that matches your storage needs with the most functional access.

storage success

How much space should be allotted for growth? As your business maintains and/or grows, there will inevitably be more materials that need to be added to storage. Planning for this additional storage now will save you time and hassle down the road.

Available Space

The layout of your office and storage area plays a large role in determining the type and amount of storage you select. Columns and other architectural features, such as ceiling height, will need to be factored into the shelving plans. It’s also imperative to examine the fire codes and sprinkler system before making these primary decisions. Mobile storage can save valuable floor space but needs to have adequate floor loading calculations to ensure the floor can accept the concentrated weight load.  Furthermore, don’t forget to consider your organization’s vertical space. Custom shelving can optimize all of your square footage, including the unused space over your head.


What was once an impractical, unattractive filing system is now a piece of functional furniture that can define and streamline your organization’s space. There are shelving products in today’s market that have pleasing, even elegant design lines, some that can be assembled easily with no tools, and even some that are overlaid with beautiful wood cladding for a warm and designer look. You want an office space that will convey to customers, clients, and employees the organized sophistication of a successful business. The commercial storage shelves available will appeal to your aesthetic desires, as well as your organizational needs.


You don’t have to sacrifice security to achieve the coordinated shelving system your organization requires. Having an on-site storage system eliminates the need for offsite archives, which means your critical documents will be stored confidentially. Additionally, security features such as specialty doors and locks can be customized for those areas that need restricted access. You can choose from a variety of options to protect your clients’ information and safeguard your products.


Sustainability and environmental sensitivity are not just bandwagons to be joined, but rather, pertinent issues to consider when deciding upon your shelving system. There are a variety of environmentally conscious products with recycled steel content and finishes with no volatile organic compounds that will provide the storage you need with the accountability and safety your employees and customers deserve.

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