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Staging Tips for Your Outdoor Areas

ID-1005106The idea of staging your home to help sell it faster may conjure images of painting those crazy pink walls a neutral color, getting rid of the clutter, arranging closets to give the illusion of space and depersonalizing  to help potential buyers better visualize themselves living there. But, don’t forget about the outside. Grimy siding, an unkempt yard, or a patio area that does not lend itself to relaxing weekend mornings or entertaining friends, can just as easily curb the enthusiasm of interested prospects. If you are serious about reaping the benefits of staging, you can’t ignore the outdoors. Here are some tips to create a more attractive space and create a better first impression.

Give Everything a Good Cleaning

You may be so used to the grime that various areas do not even look that dirty to you. But, if you have not been cleaning on the regular, they do not look as good as they could. Rent yourself a power washer and use it on the siding of your home, your driveway, your sidewalk, the front porch and the back deck. This simple tip alone will make a huge difference and will enhance the effects of all the other touches you add to make the space more appealing.

Make Your Front Porch Seem Inviting

Even if you are working with limited space on your front porch, you can still spruce it up a bit and make it more welcoming. Remember that the front of your home is the first thing in view and will set the stage for expectations. Get a nice potted plant. A small table and one or two chairs make it look like a place you  can relax with a good book or a cup of coffee. The doors is the focal point of the space, and if it is a bit worn down, consider repainting it or even getting a brand new one.

Attractive Landscaping is a Must

Cut the grass and hedges; trim branches that block paths, cover windows or lean into the house. If your flowers have seen better days, plant some new ones. If you do not have any at all, get some. The splashes of color make a dramatic difference in the appearance of your yard, front or back. Opt for finely shredded mulch that retains its color throughout the season, rather than the traditional kind. It has greater visual appeal, and does not cost that much more.

Beautifying the Back Yard

While enhancing the appearance of the front of the home is essential for creating a good first impression, the primary importance of staging the backyard lies in the fact that it is seen as an extension of the inside of the house. Anyone who has seen one of the million shows about people buying houses knows all too well that the backyard often solidifies someone’s decision to move on this property or move on to another one.

If you have a wood patio, re-stain or repaint if it is looking a bit lackluster. If the furniture looks a bit outdated, or run down, buy a new set that you can bring with you to your new house. Just like you would incorporate a consistent color scheme inside your home, do the same for the patio and surrounding area when purchasing furniture and other touches. Because the outdoor area is also used after dark, provide plenty of lighting whether tiki torches, solar lighting, candles or lanterns. Focal points are also good for creating attractive backyards, such as fountains, bird baths, sculptures, or even trees or shrubs sculpted into a specific shape. Do not forget about patio awnings for home staging—it is important people can block the sun or rain when trying to enjoy the backyard.

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Kelli Cooper is a freelance writer who blogs about all things home improvement.

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