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Feng Shui


Originating from China, Feng Shui is a practice which will help you to create a harmonious balance in your home. Feng Shui – literally meaning ‘Wind-Water’, represents wellbeing, positivity, good fortune, and happiness, and is the starting point for many people who want to create a positive, and well-balanced life.

Feng Shui was originally used as a way to orient buildings, often ones with spiritual significance in China – however since the 1960’s it’s popularity has increased, and more and more people are adapting the practice, and creating their own Feng Shui environment!

In the home, Feng Shui is used as a way to balance your home, and you life, by creating a harmonious balance. Feng Shui is all about learning how to use colour, light, and most importantly – the elements. These are: Water, Metal, Wood, Fire, and Earth. All of these elements interact with one another in some way, and represents different colours that should be used. For example water represents different blues, and earth represents shades of brown, beige, and cream.

The idea of Fen Shui is to welcome guests to your home, and promote an environment of positive wellbeing, and bring good fortune to all of whom enter the room.

The infographic below shows you how to use light, colour, and the elements, while also including the important don’t’s’ of Feng Shui design – so that you do it right! By following this infographic, you will know the basics of Feng Shui, and will know how to begin creating your own Feng Shui environment for your home. The infographic also contains facts on Feng Shui design, for example the number of people practicing the art of Feng Shui, to the cost of attending special Feng Shui courses in China!

Feng Shui is more than just a way of designing your home, for many people it is a way of life, and represents them as a person, and what they believe and want for their friends and families – take a look at the infographic, and begin to learn how you can create your perfect Feng Shui environment.

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