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The Ongoing Argument Between SEO and Web Design


There’s been a large debate going on for quite a while now between two major players on the Internet. Those two players being search engine optimizers, and web designers and developers. The main point to embrace between the two is that they are both important and are both relevant. Clients, on the other hand, want a website that looks and performs well but still ranks high on a search engine.

Where’s The Issue?

Web developers and designers have a problem with SEOs because they claim that their methods do nothing other than rig the system without making any real substantial changes. Whereas, SEOs will argue that the Web designers are making their job difficult by poorly coding a website and having no real understanding of how SEO works. Some SEOs will make the assertion that content and design have almost no place in search engine optimization. Essentially, it boils down to both sides of the argument pointing their finger at each other and saying it’s their fault.

Who Is This Actually Hurting?

The only people who are really being hurt by this type of debate are the people who aren’t very good at their job. However, as a whole the industry is being harmed by this type of conflict. A larger problem starts to occur when people are affected by either SEOs that aren’t delivering what they promised, or Web designers that create a badly designed website. Most of the time, when someone gets something they didn’t want or receive a product that they think isn’t good enough, it’s due to their being a low cost associated with high expectations.

How Can You Fix The Problem?

The best way to go about this problem is to make sure people are properly educated about the matter. Google has been very proactive with making black hatters have a hard time getting work. However, it’s not just up to Google to try and sort the problem out. If you’re a Web designer or an SEO you have a responsibility to your clients to make sure they know that Web design and SEO are not individually important. They work in conjunction with each other.

Here are some known good SEO and Web design practices so that you can get on the path to being more educated about Web design and SEO. NJ website development services can provide great services for people in need of web design help. New Jersey SEO services are also available to those interested.

SEO Practices

Keywords are relevant, but they aren’t the only thing that matters in SEO. However, keyword stuffing is a good way to get placed at the bottom of the SEO ladder. A lot of searches are now done from mobile devices today. As a result, research on mobile device keywords is now important. Relevance is the best way to build links now. Try to focus on building relevant links instead of just spamming links.

Web Design Practices

Maintain the latest in Web standards put forth by W3C, and make sure you have options in place for those who are visually impaired. Make sure your website is able to load quickly and that it is responsive.

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