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Three Personalization Options For Wooden Urns


Wooden urns offer so much flexibility and variety, the ideal material for those who seek a highly personal or highly personalized urn. This quick list will help you explore your options – finding the ideal urn takes time and consideration, and the sooner you find the right one, the sooner you can begin focusing on those cherished memories and remembrances.

1. Carved/ Etched 

Laser etching is by far the most common urn personalization option. Modern manufacturing techniques have made it possible to create beautiful, highly detailed designs on any type of rich hardwood – many companies are even able to reproduce photographs and artwork down to the very last detail. Laser etching is quick and can be as simple (text, symbols) or as intricate (faces, nature scenes) as you want.

Hand-carved designers are a little harder to come across. Hand carving is often expensive and custom work costs even more. The upside is that you will receive a one-of-a-kind urn fit to your exact specifications. Handmade urns are a great way to remember people who had unique interests or a deep appreciation for art and artisan culture.

2. Detailed 3D Inlays 

The technology that creates 3D inlays takes laser etching to the next level. These urns often feature complicated scenes cut from different wood varieties, meticulously layered and finished to create a gorgeous three-dimensional image or landscape. The simplest 3D inlay urns feature just two wood options but some of the most detailed images may have five or more distinct layers.

Though rarely available on a truly customizable basis, the variety of coloration and themed motifs make these urns a very accessible and stylish way to express the personality of the departed. Fishing, hobby, and wildlife themes are popular, rivaling the popularity of religious motifs – never hesitate to ask for something special as urn manufacturers often use computerized patterns and may be able to produce an image that fits your needs even if you cannot find your theme of choice represented in their catalogue.

3. Medallions and Plates           

Some urn styles are not very compatible with direct engraving or detailed imagery. Some of the most beautiful urns in the world speak through their sculptural qualities or attractive materials. Urns made of marble and delicate ceramics are a great example, and pieces decorated with Cloisonné or mother of pearl are complicated to customize as well. The difficulty customizing wooden urns often stems from intricate scrollwork or a straightforward aesthetic preference.

In these cases, we always suggest opting for a simple engraved plate or medallion to add that extra layer of recognition and tribute. Engraved plates often describe the departed but medallions can also serve a symbolic purpose – some people choose to affix religious, cultural, or military symbols to represent things that were most important in that person’s life. Small framed photos also make popular medallions.

If you are looking for customization inspiration, we always recommend Stardust Memorials as the best source for urns online. They offer all of the personalization choices listed in this guide and make it easy to find the ideal urn to represent the memory of the departed.

This article was written by freelance blog writer – Eliza Sanders. Passionate creative and non-fiction writers with 7 years of Internet writing experience.

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