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Tips for Choosing the Right Major in College

choosing right major in college

Are you ready to choose the right major for you? Studying at the college level can be a daunting task. You might feel under pressure to choose the right major, worrying about whether or not you are making the proper decision. Viewing your life 10 or 20 years down the road can scare you, as you feel that a poor choice now may lead to 10 or 20 years of unhappiness. First off, stop putting pressure on yourself. You achieve so much more in less time by relieving your mind of stress. You can change majors at any time in your academic career. Few people are clear on why they want to study a certain discipline which is why so many do decide to switch up their field of study at least once during college. Of course you want to commit fully to a major at some time but remember that you can always change your mind if your studies do not appear to vibe with your ideals. This is a great relief to many students who feel they have one chance to make the biggest decision of their lives. You have many chances. Now take a chill pill.

choosing right major in college

Once you feel relaxed you should take full stock of your talents. What do you do best? What you really enjoy doing and why do you do it? Gauging your talents and more importantly, deciding why you want to study a certain field can provide insight into what really motivates you. Once you know why you want to pick a certain major you can blast through obstacles in college with greater ease. Maybe you want to be financially free, or you want to travel the world after starting your own line business. These dreams, and more importantly the emotions associated with these dreams, drive you to do wonderful things in the classroom. You might be a working student or perhaps you are a busy mom who needs to find the time to excel in the classroom while raising your family. By deciding why you want to study and receive your college major you can more easily pick a major with vibes with you, and then you can more effectively tackle the obstacles which will pop up as your pursue your degree.

Gauge Your Talents in Great Detail

Whatever you most enjoy doing, and whatever you do well, gives you signals as to what you should choose as your major. You can monetize any talent. Any successful venture from many different fields proves that, so stop worrying about a paycheck and begin paying attention to what makes your heart sing. Your talents are simply your calling speaking out to you. Believe this and move toward a major which you would enjoy studying for 4 or more years. You will spend a significant amount of time in the classroom, studying a particular discipline. Make sure this really makes you happy, and that you have an aptitude in this area.

Take a Long Term Approach

Visualize yourself 25 years down the road. Now, you might change majors or careers, but would you still be happy doing what you studied in college? Answering this question quickly reveals to you whether your major really makes your heart sing. If you would still be happy you have picked the right major for now. This is because you feel the choice at a core level, meaning the skill you will study in greater detail is being developed for some higher purpose or cause, not just to get a paycheck every Thursday or every week.

Use these tips to pick the right major today.

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