Used Cars that you Should Avoid

There are specific models you should avoid and generalities that make bad used car purchases. To get on the list of used cars to avoid, a model needs to receive two out of five in the J.D. Power dependability “circle ratings.” The illustrated used car models were also ranked below average in Consumer Reports and in car rankings listed online.

Avoid These Models

It’s very cute, but avoid the Volkswagen Beetle. This little gem is on the least reliable list. Owners of models from 2008 on informed Consumer Reports that they had trouble with the climate control, power equipment and the convertible model was unreliable.

Definitely avoid the Volkswagen Passat. Volkswagen is a major and usually very reliable car manufacturer but when their cars go to the used car market, they are often unreliable and undependable. The Passat was awesome when it was new, but as a used car, definitely stay from the Passat for the high cost of repairs and maintenance.

GMC’s Acadia looks awesome and the quality is improving, but purchasing an Acadia used is a mistake. In Consumer Reports, Acadia gets worse than average rankings. The suspension and audio system are difficult, breaks down often and is expensive to replace.

Avoid the Ford Expedition when looking for a used large SUV. The Expedition has the great hauling capacity, but the awful gas mileage at 12 mpg in the city makes it difficult to continually run. Consumers report problems with the transmission and audio system in the Ford Expedition from 2008 through 2010.

The Chrysler Town & Country minivan were a very great idea and with Chrysler is the originator of the minivan you would think that this van would be great as a used car. Not the case. There are problems with the suspension, brakes, climate control system and most power equipment. The problems began with the 2008 models and have continued until 2010.

Avoid Used Cars with these Problems

There are exceptions that can be made for any car, especially if they are classics, but no new car is a bargain if it is unfixable.

Avoid used cars with a salvage title. A car might look good on the outside, but investigate the title. If it is a salvage title you will be getting a total lemon. You might even find that the engine does not run.

Avoid used cards with mismatched tires. Cheap tires will mean the owner was willing to take shortcuts in maintenance.

Keep away from used cars with brushstrokes in the paint. This may show that a car has been in an accident and “alternative” body repair tactics were used. There are stories that house paint is used on a car to make it “look” good for a sale. Do watch for unscrupulous repairs.

Cars with “cute” paint can be used cars that were painted by actual artists. These would be awesome used cars to own, but really are not practical and are considered collector’s items. Just be smart; read reports, inspect cars and avoid certain models, and don’t go cheap.

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