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What Services Do Industrial Cleaning Companies Offer?

industrial cleaning

industrial cleaning

Whatever type of business you work in, it is extremely important that you the environment that you are working in is always clean and tidy. If you have a messy and dirty business you will find that you are likely to receive less business and also you and your staff are more prone to accidents in the workplace. To reduce accidents and keep your business running smoothly as possible it is necessary that the workplace is always neat and clean. To ensure that your businesses cleanliness is always up to scratch you are able to employ an industrial cleaning company to your business. Industrial cleaning companies will differ in the services they offer so it is important that you check with each individual cleaning company the services which they have to offer you.

High Pressure Water Jetting

High pressure water jetting is usually used in businesses where deep cleaning is needed. Deep cleaning would usually be used in environments where hazardous materials or liquids have been used and can be a danger to human health or the environment. Cleaning companies will then come with a high pressure water jet and hose the whole area down. This will completely clean the area from any hazardous materials. High pressure water jets are quite often used to unblock drains.

Drummed and Packaged Waste Disposal

If you work with hazardous materials and quite often have a lot of hazardous waste, it is essential that you comply with health and safety legislation and dispose of the waste carefully and safely so it does not affect humans, animals or the environment. The industrial cleaning company will most likely offer you the containers for your hazardous waste and come and collect it and dispose of it safely.

Contaminated Soil Cleaning

Industrial cleaning companies will come to your site with specialist equipment to come and assess the soil on your site to decide whether it is contaminated. They will then determine whether the soil can be treated at the scene. If the soil needs further action it will be taken away, treated and then returned to the site at a later date.

Oil and Water Treatment

Many manufacturing businesses which use oil during the manufacturing process will create an oil and water mix which can no longer be used. If you hire an industrial cleaning company they will take the oil and water mix from the premises and either dispose of it safely or recycle the mix. If you request for the mix to be recycled then they return the oil once it has been recycled.

Hazardous Skip Services

If you work with contaminated or hazardous products on a regulation basis or as a one off it is extremely important that you dispose of the waste correctly and safely. You can hire hazardous skip services where you can store your waste and an industrial cleaning company will come and collect the skip on an arranged date and dispose of the waste safely.

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